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About Us

Having been involved with several businesses in the past we understand the importance of having all phone calls answered professionally. We know the importance of who answers the call and that the receptionist is the front line for your business and having the call answered professionally makes all the difference to gaining that extra edge.

In Impressio we know personal service makes a big difference to the overall customer experience and of course retained business. That’s why we add the personal touch. We like to know you and your business first before we even consider taking calls for your business.

Our passion is knowing we are adding value to your business and the best high our receptionist get is when you make that all important sale or sing up a new contract.

We are not a call centre but a reception for your business with receptionists that are trained to know your business. We don’t allocate lots of call handlers like a call centre but a few dedicated trained receptionists for your business.

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