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What I hear when I go out networking to advertise my business.

When I am out networking and chatting to business owners I get the odd question regarding phone numbers, namely where can I get a cheap geographic number so I can divert it to my mobile? What do you I am thinking when they ask this? I will leave you to guess! Honestly are you going to answer the call while you are on the move or in a meeting? Let’s be realistic here if I called a business to buy a service and get the answer “ can you call me back in 10 minutes I’m driving at the moment or can I call you back I am busy at the moment”. Do you think they get my business?

When you are ready to buy you want to get going, most decisions we make have festered in our minds for some time and so you want to connect with someone providing that service. The point of networking is that you meet people providing various services and sometimes someone says something and you have the lightbulb moment and you feel connected to that person hence the reason you try to contact them. Often that’s when it all goes wrong, they are not thinking customers and new business they are thinking cheap and cost and so do not put in place resources to project a good image for their business. So like me if you don’t connect even via an answering service you move on to the next business. We have so much choice at our finger tips these days and ready access to information, so I’ll keep going until some responds positively to me by at least answering my call. The company that does, understands the value of customer service as they’ve taken the care to portray their business professionally and have made me feel valued and I feel that they will do a great job for me.

Technology is great but there is still and will always be that comfortable feeling that you are talking to a human and not some automated answering software. I for one won’t even leave a message or go through the menus to buy a service or product that is of high value.

Do you buy your car or an expensive product without speaking to the showroom and booking a test drive? At the very least you will research and call the showroom and talk to the sales person or specialist first. What if the sales person was rude or they just didn’t answer the phone are you going to wait?

So how can help when your phone rings? We actually answer your call in a friendly and professional manner and give the feeling to the caller the confidence that they are dealing with a great business and that we actually work in your business.

So will telephone answering help you get that all important client? The answer is definitely yes as we have helped hundreds of businesses grow. Most of these businesses are still with our service even though they have grown to national businesses.


Here’s what one of our client’s recently said about our service and their business

I would like to thank Rita, Jet and all the girls who provide an excellent service for our company. We have used your services for around five years now and I sometimes wonder how we ever managed before you came along. It takes a lot of pressure of myself and frees my time up to do lots of other things. When we get feedback from our clients nine times out of ten they always comment on how professional our receptionist is and I am convinced that the initial contact our customers have via you contributes to us securing their custom.


I have recommended your services to other businesses over the years and I will continue to do this in the future because I you have always delivered an outstanding level of service for us and have helped my business to grow.


Keep up the good work.


Nick, Nicky and team

The My Storage Company

Client since: December 2008

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Telephone Answering Services For Removals Companies

If you are a removals company traditionally the spring and summer months can get quite busy and you may not necessarily want to take on extra staff but you need to capture your new enquiries. Whether you need us to help you answer overflow telephone calls or be the professional face of your business we can help you. What happens when you are out quoting for a removal or on the phone to a potential client and you can’t answer the next call?

Our removal company clients have solved their telephone answering issues by using our telephone answering service as not only do we take the caller’s name, phone number and enquiry details but we actually separate the types of call received between those requiring general information and the more valuable ones of those wanting removals quotes. For these essential quote enquiries we try to take more information which includes the following:

  • Estimated moving date
  • Addresses where moving from and to
  • Sizes of properties moving from and to
  • If storage was required for a few weeks before moving

These are just some of the questions we ask so making the job easier for the companies we answer the telephone calls for but if we feel an email address would be helpful then we’ll ask for that too, or the best time to call them back if they are working etc. We try to use our intelligence and so don’t work from a script or standard form.

This philosophy of trying to understand what is relevant information for clients is applied to all our clients as we want to provide a seamless service and a more personal telephone answering service for our clients.

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How We Answer Telephone Calls for Storage Companies

When a national storage company decided we were the right choice for answering their overflow telephone calls from all their locations they asked us to just note names, phone numbers and what the enquiry was about i.e. storage or non-storage.

We realised we could help them more and contacted all the sites and got the names and roles for their teams so we could provide a more bespoke service. Overtime we knew realised there were some common questions and so we asked the client for this information so we could help the store teams by taking more relevant and accurate information and answering simple questions for them. So now if someone calls in for a storage quote we ask:


Idea of the sort of size of storage they were looking for

Idea of the sort of size moving from and to

How soon they need the storage and for

How long they need it for.

Do they need help to move into the storage unit?


We also can also take payment details and give prices for the items they sell e.g. removal boxes, tape etc.


Like all businesses they have been able to introduce more services like document shredding, packaging materials and as we keep in close contact with client we can gather any new information and relay this to their callers saving their staff time and providing a better level of customer service






Virtual Reception service

Telephone Answering.Biz is a modern day name of online business call answering or in easy words online call center. But for that you need to understand what call centers does.

A call center or call center is a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. There are different forms of call centers.

An inbound call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers.

Outbound call centers are operated for telemarketing, solicitation of charitable or political donations, debt collection and market research.

A contact center is a location for centralized handling of individual communications, including letters, faxes, live support software, social media, instant message, and e-mail and many more.

Telephone Answering.Biz is your best virtual receptionist that will provide you with outstanding quality of service and the best professional call solution to you and your caller. As because answering calls is what we do, we know that it is not good enough just to do it well. Rather we promise to answer your calls to such high standard that you will be bound to receive regular comment from clients about how well and professionally your calls are handled.

Now let us give a brief of how it works. Business call answering services will provide you with a telephone number (like the one given in the home page of our website Telephone Answering.Biz [url=]) that you can either advertise or divert into your existing number. You don’t need any additional equipment to start using our telephone answering service.

We will set it up accordingly and your virtual receptionist will answer calls in your company name and sound exactly like your own company receptionist. [Please visit the price page to get an idea about your costing.

Let us give an idea of how a virtual receptionist or virtual reception works.  Say for example, when you are running a business, there are times when you cannot always answer incoming calls because, you might be busy in meetings, you might not be on the desk, lack of man power to answer calls (especially when you are starting a new business), clients might be calling from different time zone, or you might be out of reach for business purpose, etc. Let us call an end to those days of worrying about “Who will answer the telephone when I am not around?” When customers call, a virtual reception will be provided to sort things out. We will be handling or answering your calls by a small team of dedicated Virtual PA’s or virtual receptionists.

They will allow you to focus on what’s more important, i.e., growing your business. It is worth mentioning that businesses that have been around for years may also benefit from  phone answering services. When the calls start to come, it will be answered by the real human or the Virtual reception, in your business name as your receptionist. Your receptionist will speak to the caller and take messages. (If you you are free to take the call, the virtual receptionist will transfer the call to you if required.) The message will then be passed on to your business as an enquiry for your business to follow-up. You will receive notifications of the new message by email or SMS. If your company has more than one person who should receive notification we will do that too.

This whole service is very cost efficient then hiring someone in-house, will increase the productivity level of your business and improve the customer or client service for your business.

Therefore as our conclusion we would like to say that having a telephone answering call service, will benefit your business in many ways then a simple in-house receptionist. Not only will it work out  a much more cost efficient way to outsource work to a virtual receptionist, but you can also benefit from their extended hours of service and extensive knowledge of the job.

Hiring a virtual receptionist will help you to grow and expand your business by professional call solutions, without having to take on the costs and responsibilities of hiring an in-house team of full time workers. This is in other word the best business call answering service.

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Telephone Answering – The “In-Demand” Service

Is it possible to think of a single day in our life without a telephone? The only answer is a “NO”. We need to have telephone services for our home as well as business. Though the phone service needs may be different, but figuring out the features needed and deciding on a plan that best fits the core requirement is the key to get the best telephone service especially for a successful business.

Telephone answering service’s are one of the most “in-demand” services among the call center sector in the business world. It is widely accepted for handling customer calls in business. Telephone answering service definitely offers benefits to business by providing better service to clients as well as ensuring that messages are delivered in a timely fashion.

Initially, a telephone answering service may seem like an extravagance or something to be considered down the road, but in reality the surprising news is considering the pros and cons of telephone answering service it has shown that it can weigh up its costs simply because of the fact that these are Professional call solutions. In other words, it is a service that can save money while still providing an ideal service to the clients and such a service would definitely benefit a business. With this service, not only the calls get handled professionally and in a timely manner, but also it takes the stress and pressure off the staff whose time would be better utilized elsewhere.

Telephone answering service’s are a really efficient way to save time, money and provide better client service regardless of the size or nature of business.

A recent survey has shown that 70% people prefer live telephone answering service which makes it more personal for the client especially during emergencies when most of the clients feel better to have people taking calls instead of a machine. There are clients who want to explain details of their problem and to get some humanly support so live telephone answering service is the best choice for them. It goes a long way in relieving the stress arising in emergency situation.

Along with the assurance that phone calls are continually handled by a live operator, plenty of other business aspects are also covered. One of the most significant benefits is the function is the option for 24/7 telephone answering services and it assures that every potential client is catered round the clock. More to it, there are some specific businesses which require 24 hour answering services like hospitals and other medical services, banks and financial institutions, airlines, outsourcing jobs and more, who need someone answering the phone at non- regular hours and responding to complaints. Telephone answering service’s are  the most suitable option for these types of businesses.

A great telephone answering service will  handle your calls by highly trained professionals to your  instructions on the specific needs of your business. It saves the hassle of recruitment and training of staff. Keeps cost down areas like office set up, equipment and software. for new staff.

Sustainability and prosperity of businesses and reputation can be maintained with committed and reliable services like professional telephone answering.

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