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Virtual Reception service

Telephone Answering.Biz is a modern day name of online business call answering or in easy words online call center. But for that you need to understand what call centers does. A call center or call center is a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. There are different forms of call centers. An inbound call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Outbound call centers are operated for telemarketing, solicitation of charitable or political donations, debt collection and market research. A contact center is a location for centralized handling of individual communications, including letters, faxes, live support software, social media, instant message, and e-mail and many more. Telephone Answering.Biz is your best virtual receptionist that will provide you with outstanding quality of service and the best professional call solution to you and your caller. As because answering calls is what we do, we know that it is not good enough just to do it well. Rather we promise to answer your calls to such high standard that you will be bound to receive regular comment from clients about how well and professionally your calls are handled. Now let us give a brief of how it works. Business call answering services will provide you with a telephone number (the one given in the home page of our website Telephone Answering.Biz [url=]) that you can either advertise or divert into your existing number. You don’t need any additional equipment to start using our telephone answering service. We will set it up accordingly and your virtual receptionist will answer calls in your company name and sound exactly like your own company receptionist. [Please visit the price page to get an idea about your costing. Let us give an idea of how a virtual receptionist or virtual reception works. It is a sophisticated tool that prompts caller to select from a phone book menu. The automated recordings play as soon as the caller dials into a company number, and informs the caller which number to press to reach the desired extension. Say for example, when you are running a business, there are times when you cannot always answer incoming calls because, you might be busy in meetings, you might not be on the desk, lack of man power to answer calls (especially when you are starting a new business), clients might be calling from different time zone, or you might be out of reach for business purpose, etc. Let us call an end to those days of worrying about “Who will answer the telephone when I am not around?” When customers call, a virtual reception will be provided to sort things out. We will be handling or answering your calls by a small team of dedicated Virtual PA’s or virtual receptionists. They will allow you to focus on what’s more important, i.e., growing your business. It is worth mentioning that businesses that have been around for years may also benefit from these phone answering services. When the calls start to come, it will be answered by the real human operator or the Virtual reception, in your business name as a professional business call answering service. The virtual receptionist will speak to the caller and take messages. (If you have reception connection and you are free to take the call, the virtual receptionist will transfer the call to you.) The message will then be passed on to your business as an enquiry for your business to follow-up. You will receive notifications of the new message by email or SMS. If your company has more than one person who should receive notification the service will allows that too. This whole service will be very much cost efficient and then hiring someone in-house, will increase the productivity level of your business and improve the customer or client service of your business. Therefore as our conclusion we would like to say that having a virtual reception in you online telephone answering call services, will benefit you business in many ways then a simple in-house receptionist. Not only will it work out in a much more cost efficient way to outsource work to a virtual receptionist, but you can also benefit from their extended hours of service and extensive knowledge of the job. Hiring a virtual receptionist will help you to grow and expand your business by professional call solutions, without having to take on the costs and responsibilities of hiring an in-house team of full time workers. This is in other word the best business call answering service.

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Telephone Answering – The “In-Demand” Service

       Is it possible to think of a single day in our life without a telephone? The only answer is a “NO”. We need to have telephone services for our home as well as business. Though the phone service needs may be different, but figuring out the features needed and deciding on a plan that best fits the core requirement is the key to get the best telephone service especially for a successful business.

Telephone answering service is one of the most “in-demand” services among the call center sector in the business world. It is widely accepted for handling customer calls in business. Telephone answering service definitely offers benefits to business by providing better service to clients as well as ensuring that messages are delivered in a timely fashion. Initially, telephone answering service may seem like an extravagance or something to be considered down the road, but in reality the surprising news is considering the pros and cons of telephone answering service it has shown that it can weigh up its costs simply because of the fact that these are Professional call solutions. In other words, it is a service that can save money while still providing an ideal service to the clients and such a service would definitely benefit a business. With this service, not only the calls get handled professionally and in a timely manner, but also it takes the stress and pressure off of the staffs whose time would be better utilized elsewhere. With time it has established itself to come in handy and extremely cost efficient in the bargain and so Telephone answering service is a really efficient way to save time, money and provide better client service regardless of the size or nature of business.

A recent survey has shown that 70% people prefer live telephone answering service which makes it more personal for the client especially during emergencies when most of the clients feel better to have people taking calls instead of a machine. There are clients who want to explain details of their problem and to get some humanly support so live telephone answering service is the best choice for them. It goes a long way in relieving the stress arising in emergency situation.

In this type of service, along with the assurance that phone calls are continually handled by a live operator, plenty of other business aspects are also covered. One of the most significant benefits is the function is for 24/7 and it assures that every potential client is catered round the clock. More to it, there are some specific businesses which require 24 hour answering services like hospitals and other medical services, banks and financial institutions, airlines, outsourcing jobs and more, who need someone answering the phone at non- regular hours and responding to complaints. Telephone answering service is the most suitable option for these types of businesses.

The job of telephone answering service providers is to handle calls by trained professionals as per instructions on specific business. Customer care can reach at its excellence by adopting it and at the same it offers a hassle-free and cost effective service. It saves the hassle of recruitment and training of staffs. Cost cut down also occurs in areas like office set up, equipment and software.

Sustainability and prosperity of business depend on image and reputation which can be maintained with committed and reliable services like professional telephone answering.

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Telephone Answering Service- A Potential Tool to Successful Business

There is a saying that “You get one opportunity to create a first impression”. In today’s business world the first contact is mostly initiated through Telephone and if the phone is answered by a professional person who is knowledgeable on the business, products and deals efficiently with the call, the vital first impression is created. It is now an established fact that telephone answering service holds a wealth of potential for new as well as established businesses.

Telephone answering is a broad umbrella encompassing abundance of services that businesses require every day, ranging from the straightforward to the complex. It can be live telephone answering service, business call answering, voicemail, automated telephone answering, inbound call center, professional call solutions, virtual reception and others. So the consumer has a lot of options in choosing a method of Telephone answering service,


A recent survey conducted by BT has shown that 70% of people prefer to speak to a person and do not like to leave messages on voicemail and answering machines. The underlying reason may be it’s all about the “Personal Touch” that matters here as real human beings process these calls. There is also the automated telephone answering which is cheaper and more efficient than hiring more people to handle all the callers. Telephone answering services can also be adapted and tailored to suit the needs of the client and specific business and all business do not require the need for the full array of amenities.

Customer service is the key to guaranteed satisfaction and in the modern “no time to wait” world, telephone answering service has established its market. Weighing the benefits of using the services there is no scope to put it on hold anymore simply for the fact that using the right Telephone answering Service is always helpful be it for Business call answering, Virtual reception or Professional call solutions.

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To sustain a successful business on a long-term basis you need to have two basic ingredients

You must be good at providing your primary offerings to your clients

This one is obvious. It is the easier one because it is typically something you are passionate about and enjoy doing if you don’t enjoy the business then it’s not likely to succeed.

You must continuously work to improve your operations.

The second ingredient is not as easy because it has to do with ‘everything else’ needed to operate a business; such as the tools and technology, the human resources, compliance with the law and good management of working capital. Lack of this continual improvement of operations is what may sink a successful business or at least prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest

If you are a business owner or director, you likely will have multiple talents that have enabled you to get to this level. However, you should know the operational areas that are not your strength or that you have less interest in working on. These specific items, tasks or roles that you need to outsource – either internally or externally to a trusted partner with specific expertise in that area. By truly focusing on expanding your strengths and assigning out those other areas or tasks, you will be able to reduce or eliminate many of the barriers limiting the success of your organization.

Fixing Neglected Areas of Operations

We have learned over time that, for organizations both large and small, communications processes are one of the most neglected operational issues. Larger businesses have many departments, each with different priorities. In these environments, communications methods quickly evolve per department, creating a very inconsistent experience for clients across the board. Smaller organizations are often challenged here because they simply do not take the necessary time to define and map out a detailed communications plan on a periodic basis. In both cases, when issues do arise, the typical approach is to make a quick patch to fix the issue, instead of stepping back and looking at the process strategically to identify the root cause of the communications issue.

Ask a Better Question

When we talk to a new prospect for our telephone answering service, they are often looking for more information than just basic telephone answering services. We hear comments like “we are considering a new phone system” or “we keep updating our voice-menu options, but we’re still having issues” or even “we just need a provider that follows our instructions”. In other words, they know they have communications challenges, and they have some level of frustration because they are not sure how to go about fixing them.

Prior to asking about service offering bells and whistles, the right question business organizations should be asking themselves are “how do my prospects and clients really want to engage with us, now and in the near future?” The toughest part here is putting your personal preferences aside. Because there are so many options, the preferences of your prospects and clients may be any of the following: e-mail, live-chat, web-form, instant messaging, text message or even social media channels. However, given all these options, you can be sure that if they pick up the phone to call you, they want to talk to a live person, and not have to leave a voice-mail. This is where a telephone answering service can become a good partner in your communications process.

The Big Picture

Having the discipline to continually improve upon your organization’s operations is not easy to do; however all the successful companies I’ve engaged in my life have had that discipline. If you have an operational area where you’ve recognized a weakness, start with a basic question like the example above. This can help you get to the root cause of the weakness much quicker. And if that weakness is in the area of communications, you know who to call!


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Automated Telephone Answering Systems

For most of us, the customer service hell usually begins with a phone call being answered by an automated system called an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) — you know, the one where you have to listen to the 5 options you have to “Press 1 for this and Press 2 for that etc.”, I find these very frustrating. It turns out that I’m not the only one and many companies are realising that using what’s known as “live human beings” to answer the phone helps foster much greater customer service and loyalty.

It’s easy to understand why companies use automated phone systems as they are cheaper and more efficient than hiring more people to handle all the callers. But it’s also easy to understand why some companies don’t use such systems – customers hate them, and, generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to upset your customers. Consumer’s opinions on customer service can be determined simply by the fact that a helpful human has answered the phone.

Remember, Telephone-Answering do not make your customers go through automated calling systems – you get to speak straight away with someone.

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