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Hooray, it’s that time again , it’s almost like new year in fact .

All the kids are excited , they’ve all got new shoes , new uniform and they’ve spent hours in the supermarket poring over the items in the stationery aisle , you all know it, it’s the one with the human size cardboard cut-outs of happy smiley kids kicking out in their new gear all flashing backpacks and toothy grins.

Well here’s the news! It’s exactly the same for all us going back to work, only in our case we’ve spent two weeks of our summer holidays thinking about new strategies for our business and profits. We all do it, it’s a known psychological fact!

We plan new sales, new ways to get more customers even new ways to manage old customers! In short were spending time trying to figure out how to make our lives easier, more professional and ultimately how we can earn more money?

I can tell you right away that the perfect way to do this and many more of your goals you aspire to is to get yourselves or your company a solid and reliable , professional way of answering calls and so as part of your summer ” back to work ” strategy it’s time to call the professionals in call handling right now . is the perfect answer for you so give us a call right now.

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Reasons why businesses should use a telephone answering service

There are so many reasons why anyone in business should have a telephone answering service that it wouldn’t be easy to list them all, however let’s give it a try shall we.

When you hire your own receptionist not only is there the cost involved, sick pay, maternity pay and benefits and so on and so forth, you also have the problem of finding someone who is the same all the time, I don’t mean the same voice I mean the total reliability of getting someone pick up your calls no matter what in a professional and friendly way.

Never again would you get a call from your secretary telling you she’s too sick to come in or that she’s caught up I traffic and she’s going to be late.

Never again would you be left in the lurch panicking about getting to appointments whilst trying to take your own calls.

So just looking at it from a perfect business sense point of view what does remote telephone answering give.

TOTAL reliability, no days off! COMPLETE cost effectiveness no sick pay, maternity pay, holiday pay.

Call today and make the best business decision you have ever made, let us take the burden off you right now with our reliable, quality virtual PA service.

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Employing a professional telephone answering?

A few months ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine at our usual monthly meet up down at our local pub, I was struck by how little time he had to spare, a professional man, a self-employed business consultant no less, who spends his time visiting other businesses advising them on time management amongst other business related issues.

Now as he sat opposite me bemoaning the fact that he had no time to himself and was definitely much too busy to come to the pub more often and spend a pleasant couple of hours chatting to friends, it occurred to me that here was a person who really needed to take on board some of his own advice.

I asked him why he didn’t have a secretary to help organise his time to help take some of the load off him? His reply was that it was too expensive to employ someone, if he did employ a member of staff, all the employer / employee rules would come into being and as he was trying to maintain his own business costs low, this was a road he really didn’t want to go down.

It was at this point that I mentioned that he could have all of the benefits of a Personal assistant without any of the minefield that it has become to be a direct employer if he was to employ a professional telephone answering and virtual PA service. Imagine, I told him, a friendly professional voice on the end of the phone picking up to all of his client’s calls, no more distant, difficult, hands free calls whilst driving from one appointment to the next, the nightmare time waste of having to pull over and try and get an appointment set down in his diary.

All this and more organised for him in a professional and precise way, his diary booked up for him, in fact every aspect of his job, the bits which are not actually stopping him from doing his job but which are no less important, done !

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First impressions count!

First impressions count!

We all know that when we meet a new person it takes something like 3 seconds for them to form their first impression of you, so we all do our best to look good, put ourselves over well and so on.
You would never turn up at a meeting wearing dirty shoes, a creased shirt, hair unbrushed would you?
No of course not!

So why on earth is it that you expect your clients to have a sometimes second rate experience when they are calling you to enquire about your services?

Crazy as it seems, lots of businesses, from small one man bands right up to big nationals have a telephone answering system that leaves much to be desired and In fact can be downright frustrating for the very people you need to impress.

There is no surer way to lose hard earned customers than giving them a rubbish experience at the first point of contact with your business.

The answer of course is to outsource your telephone answering to us here at where our professional call handlers take the call as YOUR reception , they will capture all the information you need right at that point of contact and reassure your client that they are valuable and will get a call back as soon as possible.

In short you never miss a call, you never lose a sale and most importantly those first impressions are absolutely perfect as far as you client is concerned.

You look great, your business looks great. Happy, confident customers! It’s a no brainer. is the company to make your company succeed.

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How to prevent your staff from stealing your client’s


We all spend years building a loyal client base and we try to recruit talented staff but then you could lose half of your client base overnight if your staff leaves your business and secretly, without you knowing, they take your client details with them.

We ( were a part of a franchise. The franchisors had cash flow problems and tried to sell our business and the rest of the franchisees offices secretly. This is because they had access to all our clients’ data. The reality was that when they tried this all our clients decided to stay with our new business name and not move to another service which was inferior to our service. They even offered my clients a free telephone answering service for a year free and this still couldn’t persuade my clients to move.

This happens a lot and sadly most business owners don’t realise it is happening until it is too late. This is, of course, totally understandable as you have to trust your team and you have to have the courage to let your team exercise their own values and discretion.

There are, however, measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of your staff taking clients with them whilst still making them feel appreciated and trusted.

  1. Build a Brand, not just a great team of individuals


First things first. Ask yourself why your clients are with you over the competition. If your answer is ‘Because they love the team’, then there is work to be done. Of course they have to love your staff, but they have to love them in the context of your brand and in the context of you as the business owner.

What I mean by this is that your clients have to believe that the business and their experience is great because you as the owner have created that. Then, if a member of staff leaves, they know you will still provide an amazing experience because of the standards YOU set.

You do this by building relationships (that’s why it is important to keep gathering and updating your customer’s details) and any communication should include you as the business owner as this lets them know that you are in charge and also lets them know how much you care about providing an amazing experience.

Get customer feedback is important as it helps you improve your business and can highlight problems that you had not realized.

You should also analyse the best performers in your business to understand and share what they do and get them to tell you all how they deliver great customer service. This makes them feel important AND it alleviates the reliance on one superstar to attract clients. If you are using them as a standard to build a culture, then every new employee theoretically can reach this standard.

  1. Recruit Carefully and take up References


Obviously you want to hire talented people, but they must be loyal. By not following up on references but even more commonly, following up in the wrong way.

Most companies ask for a minimum of two references and will call the referee who may feel obligated to just give you a standard reference. Some companies ask that the candidate’s referee phone in on their behalf. This way if a previous salon owner thought they were OK in terms of talent they should be happy to phone in, or if the candidate’s previous employer had a bad experience with them, they won’t lift up the phone on their behalf and this may help weed out anyone who has previously stolen and used client details.

  1. Locking Down on Info


Your client details are your business’s property and you have an obligation to keep these safe and secure and to have levels of security as to what information can be seen by whom. It’s not about trust, it is about best practice.


  1. Tip Build Your Personal Brand Too


In the first point we touched on this, about building your personal brand increases influence, respect in the industry and helps you attract talent.

Some people feel uncomfortable jumping in front of a camera, speaking publicly or getting themselves out there. For some, this may feel egocentric or even like self-obsession.

If you can overcome that thought process, what it does do is it builds your reputation and the reputation of your business. If your business is seen as somewhere to providing an amazing experience and has a great name, your employees need you to back them to make their career. Trust is based on respect yes, but if they feel they have nothing to really lose by taking your client details with them, they are more likely to do that.

If they feel you have the industry’s ear and are a respected name, employees will want your backing both in their role with you and the future.


So, none of these points can completely prevent people taking clients or completely protect your business’s client details. But, they are preventative measures. If you hire right, give fantastic service, build relationships with your clients as the owner and take care in storing info and granting access, then you are doing everything in your power to be in full control of your business.

Thanks for reading

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