I already have a receptionist. Why should I use Telephone-Answering?

Many of our existing Telephone-Answering clients have an in-house receptionist and they choose us to answer their overflow calls. It’s all too easy for a receptionist to miss a call when they’re away from their desk, on holiday, sick or simply on another call, and that’s when your Telephone-Answering team are there to catch any calls which slip through.

How do I divert my number to you?

Most telephone line and number providers will be able to give you a divert facility so you can divert the number or line to us (in fact, most business lines already have this facility). Even SKYPE and most 08 numbers can be diverted to your Telephone-Answering team.

Can I divert more than one phone number to you?

You can divert as many lines as you want to us, However if you require more than one greeting then you’ll need us to arrange an additional facility.

Do I need to change my telephone number to start the service?

We understand this is a serious concern as you’ve already invested in raising awareness of your number, as well as including it in your marketing materials and stationery. With that in mind we’ll NEVER ask you to change your number.

Will your receptionists know my staff and my business?

Getting to know your staff and business is key to the Telephone-Answering experience and not only will we make sure we invest the time to do this and keep up to date with any changes, we will allocate specific receptionists to your account to make sure your calls are always answered by a knowledgeable team.

Will I know who takes my calls?

Yes, all messages also have the name of your receptionist.

How do you send the messages to me?

We can send your messages by Email or SMS (or both) or we can transfer the call to you just like a receptionist.

Is there a minimum agreement term.

The minimum agreement is for just three months and then if you wish to take the calls yourself then we require just one months’ notice.

How will my business benefit by using a telephone answering service?

If you don’t currently have a receptionist you may find you’re missing client calls or being interrupted by them during meetings or when you’re trying to complete important tasks. With a Telephone Answering service you’re able to spend time away from your phone and on your business without the fear of missing important enquiries or customer calls without the need to take on an employee.

How will an Telephone-Answering receptionist know the call is for my business?

We have a dedicated system and when a call comes in your details will show on our telephone system so we know the call is for your business.

How easy is it to get started with Telephone-Answering?

Extremely! Firstly we’ll send you an information form for you to fill in to capture key details about your business and staff as well as the telephone numbers you have for your business and departments (including mobile numbers so we have contact information in the event of an emergency).

Once we have this we’ll set up our systems to take your calls and begin training your receptionists to take your calls. And don’t worry, your dedicated Telephone-Answering receptionists will call you or your team if they need more information or they need to know more about you so we have all of the information we need to answer calls like we are in your office.

Once your service is live we’ll give you a phone number to divert your phone to us and walk you through how to set this up on your phones (we don’t just leave you with some bullet points to work though on your own!)

And after a few test calls, that’s it – you and your customers will be enjoying the first-class Telephone-Answering service!

Do you charge for the calls that come from telemarketing companies selling their services?

We don’t normally charge for these calls unless it’s pertinent to your business

Can I choose when you answer the calls?

Like with all of our Telephone-Answering services, you’re in control of when we answer your calls. You can divert all of your calls, divert calls when you or your staff are busy, or when your line is busy or the call is not answered with a few rings in your office. With Telephone-Answering, it’s your decision.