February 6, 2012

Online shops should understand that some sales will still come via the phone because there are those people would rather talk to the business and confirm that they exist rather that just order blindly online.

For those clients of ours who have online shops not only do we answer the calls, we also take their orders for them, we double check which orders have gone through online and the ones that have queries such as the wrong credit card details we contact them to check the card details and re input the details on the site so the sale is not lost. It’s amazing how many people add the wrong card number on the sites so just capturing these details have given increases in sales to our clients.

One of the advantages of using us and taking our 247 service is if your web site goes down we will contact you to let you know. This is because we monitor and look for changes to your site so we are up to date with your business. This happened to one of our customers and he was able to resolve the problem quickly. Websites going down is the same as a retail outlet that’s closed – NO BUSINESS, LOST SALES REVENUE!

Some of our clients advertise on DRTV and so the number of calls and orders can go up when the adverts appear on TV, so we can be the main centre for calls/orders or just support your sales department by becoming the overflow reception and take the extra calls and orders and place them on the SAGE pay account or any other payment taking system.

Some answering services just take calls but we don’t believe in just taking calls we believe in becoming a part of your business. Why would you let an answering service take your calls unless they know a bit about your business?