Monthly Call Plan

Our inclusive packages starting from just £37.50 (+VAT) per month.

It’s a small investment to ensure your customers have a great customer experience. You’ll gain, flexibility, cost savings and a professional image.

Office Hours Package
Monday to Friday 8.30am to
6pm (excluding bank holidays)
messages per
Charge per month Additional message costs
20 Message Package 20 £37.50 £1.60
50 Message Package 50 £80.00 £1.40
100 Message Package 100 £145.00 £1.20
150 Message Package 150 £200.00 £1.15
200 Message Package 200 £240.00 £1.10
300 Message Package 300 £345.00 £1.05

Appointment Booking or Diary Management Service

If you need an appointment booking or diary management service from your reception team, Telephone-Answering are the perfect choice. Our PAs have years of experience in booking appointments across many industries & using a wide variety of diaries. This means we can take care of your bookings, while you take care of your clients! We are happy to use your existing online diary system, or we can recommend our favourite solutions such as Timely, Jelly (or from free secure online-diaries to tailor-made booking software).