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Testimonials (continued)

Below you can see a few of our client testimonials to see how much value add we can bring your business:

Client since: June 2014 I would like to add my voice to I am sure the many who have praised Rita and her lovely patient, polite team of ladies in Telephone-Answering.Biz My business is feet – I have a busy podiatry clinic and Rita and her fabulous team take my calls. I have a varied client base – often elderly, confused and fractious!! However, Rita’s team are all patient, kind and considerate not to mention efficient with all whether the aforementioned or poor grasp of English or just downright difficult!!

Podiatry Clinic

Client since: July 2013 Having used Telephone-Answering.Biz for some time now I find it to be a very valuable tool to my business, the service is efficient and friendly.  It is reassuring to know that no calls are being missed and annoying sales calls are dealt with. You provide excellent value for money and I have had no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Company tax consultants

Client since: May 2008 We originally requested to the services of Telephone-Answering for two weeks in 2008 when we went on holiday. All these years later we are still using them…… every day of the week!! They are a great asset to our business, very efficient and friendly to our customers. They take the pressure of if I am unable to be in the office, or if I am already on the phone. They take the message from our customers and within minutes the message is send over my email for us to respond immediately, even if we are out of the country. “Telephone Answering offer a very professional service through all stages of the process, from taking the calls to relaying any messages via our chosen method email which is directed to the correct person to deal with the call. An excellent service which my company could not do without.” We can’t recommend Telephone answering.biz highly enough

Security company

Client since: July 2009 We have been using Rita, Jet and their team since 2009 largely when our office is unmanned or the lines are busy, this means we do not have to worry about our phones and know that all calls will be answered and a prompt message will be sent to the team to respond to. Feedback from clients has always been very positive and you have provided a professional service for our needs.

Recruitment consultants

Client since: February 2011 We are happy to give you and your company a positive testimonial. We are very pleased with your operation and your ability to filter out unwanted calls.  Your advice when we moved offices was also particularly helpful.

Building services design company

Client since: February 2011 Telephone-Answering.biz  have provided me with a courteous and reliable service for over six years and I wish I had started with them ten years ago! I frequently receive compliments from clients new and old who get put through to Rita’s experienced team. The service has allowed me to dispense with my mobile phone answering machine completely and replace it with polite and efficient people who can not only pass messages by e-mail and SMS but contact the right member of my team with any particular client enquiry. Nothing irritates anxious customers more than not being able to speak to someone. Telephone-Answering.biz give me (and them) peace of mind. Thank you!

IT support company

I am really happy and would like to continue, you are 100 times more professional and efficient than my previous company, wish I had switched sooner Thank you Kind regards,

testimonial from an aesthetic practice

Thought you would like to know, you took a message from my accountant -last Thursday. She actually made a point of telling me how great the lady who took the message was, that she was really impressed and that she would definitely recommend you to any of her other clients if they had a requirement. So this is a big pat on the back – I hope you get some business through it! Kind regards

On line retail

Client since: December 2008 We have used telephone-answering.biz for around nine years now and I sometimes wonder how we ever managed before you came along. I would like to thank Rita, Jet and all the girls who provide an excellent service for our company. It takes a lot of pressure of myself and frees my time up to do lots of other things. When we get feedback from our clients nine times out of ten they always comment on how professional our receptionist is and I am convinced that the initial contact our customers have via you contributes to us securing their custom. I have recommended telephone-answering.biz to other businesses over the years and I will continue to do this in the future because I you have always delivered an outstanding level of service for us and have helped my business to grow. Keep up the good work.

Removals and storage company

Storage Company

We have been using your telephone answering service now for about 18 months and would like to thank you and your team for excellent service. We are finding that the longer we work together your team have a greater understanding of our business as we introduce more services and your proactive approach has made the service seamless for our members. We now couldn’t think of working without you!

Commercial estate agent

Client since: May 2015 We have been using your Telephone Answering.Biz now for about 18 months and would like to thank you and your team for excellent service. We are finding that the longer we work together your team have a greater understanding of our business as we introduce more services and your proactive approach has made the service seamless for our members. We now couldn’t think of working without you!

Hairdressers Association

Client since: November 2013 I’m very pleased to be able to testify to your excellent service which goes beyond just a ‘virtual office’. Telephone-Answering.Biz always puts the needs of Holmes Commercial first and nothing is too much trouble. When the office is unmanned Telephone-Answering.Biz is able not just to take phone calls but to act on its own initiative when need be. Feedback from clients has always been very positive and your staff members are very professional in all aspects of putting our needs first.

Commercial estate agents

You ladies have made such a difference to the business and the support you give us is very welcome and appreciated. I look forward to sharing another year of the madness with you next year ?

It does lighting

Client since: April 2015 In the short time that I have used Telephone-Answering.Biz, I have already notified a significant contribution to my business. I no longer lose potential leads when I am unavailable to answer. Many customers have also commented on the excellent telephone manner they observed during their call by telephone-Answering.Biz. They have added a new dimension to my business and I wholeheartedly recommend them. You will not be disappointed!

Music Tuition Company

Client since: April 2011 We have been using telephone-answering.biz for many years now and have always been very happy with the service you provide. You have been very efficient, professional and friendly when dealing with our answering our telephone calls. At the end of the day you are our first impression for all our clients and perspective clients, so we rely on you to act on our behalf and I can say that you and your team have been doing brilliantly. Keep up the good work!

Domestic Cleaning Company

Client since: April 2009 We used Telephone-Answering for 8 years and have always been pleased with the service received. When our business has changed and the relationship needed to change they have been very flexible and changed. As we have grown so have they and they have supported us and provided options which is great. Many thanks for your support of our business


We originally requested to the services of Telephone-Answering for two weeks 7 years ago when we went on holiday. Six years later we are still using them…… every day of the week!! They are a great asset to our business, very efficient and friendly to our customers. They take the pressure of if I am unable to be in the office, or if I am already on the phone. They take the message from our customers and within minutes the message is send over my email for us to respond immediately, even if we are out of the country. We can’t recommend Telephone answering.biz highly enough.

Testimonial for security company.

Client since: May 2009 Our Group have been using Telephone-Answering.biz for over 8 years and have always found their service to be reliable, flexible and adaptable, they work closely with us and are an asset to our business

Storage company

Thought would forward this to you as shows your telephone answering service works well and has helped gain me a lot of new customers. I should have used telephone-answering.biz years ago.

Testimonial from a courier service

Client since: February 2009 We have been working with Telephone-Answering.biz for 8 years. We run an award winning Relocation company assisting large corporate companies relocate their staff into the UK on job assignments and high net worth private individuals looking to purchase multi million pound homes. We have been really happy with the service we have received from Rita, Jet and the team. It is important for us to come across professional seamless and knowledgeable to all who call into the company and we are often busy speaking to clients or out on meetings and knowing that the phone will be picked up and our clients will be handled well is reassuring for us within the organisation. We have no hesitation in recommending Telephone-Answering.biz to anyone who is looking for an excellent. Professional and consistently good service.

Relocation company

Client since: November 2008 I have been using Telephone Answering.biz for about a few years now and have found their service to be excellent. My business is called Crendon Skin Clinic, an Aesthetics clinic offering beauty laser treatments using state of the art equipment. From my therapy rooms based in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, I offer a wide portfolio of aesthetic treatments, including: injectable face treatments, laser treatments, skin resurfacing, red vein treatment, hair removal and much more.All of my treatments require a very high level of competence and my clients expect this to be evident in every aspect of the service, whether this relates to taking their telephone booking, my personal greeting of customers at their first appointment or performing the treatment. First impressions in particular are vital to my business as customers expect to speak to someone who will take their appointment for them rather than having to leave a message on a voice mail. This is where Telephone Answering work with me as part of my business. They handle all of my incoming calls and by me providing them with access to my diary they can maintain this for me, so I don’t have to worry about taking the calls or booking client’s appointments. In addition, Telephone Answering send appointment reminder text messages to my customers twenty-four hours before their visit, send me emails with all the details of the enquiries they have dealt with on my behalf and provide a daily report of calls and bookings. On average Telephone Answering takes over 100 calls a week for me, so I am never interrupted when I am with a customer. They are a small team, very friendly, extremely professional and always conscious of my customers’ needs. In fact I have got to know the staff very well, built good relationships with them and found that their style suits my business. I would thoroughly recommend Telephone Answering to any business looking for a flexible solution to outsource their reception. Using Telephone Answering means I am able to focus on my customers, offer the best service possible and save so much time that I can fit in an extra five appointments a week!

Testimonial from an aesthetic clinic

Client since: July 2014 We are very happy with your telephone answering service. It helps us to spend productive time with our clients safe in the knowledge that enquiries and other clients are being dealt with professionally when they ring. We do not feel tied to the phone anymore. I would definitely recommend the service.

Financial Planning Company

Peoples Choice will always love telephone-answering.bizYour company’s service to us is second to none, all your staff are fantastic and very professional

Care services

I am very impressed with your services, you have come up trumps to everybody else! Not just price wise but even on returning my call and the Lady answering is very friendly too!….. I would just like to write to thank you and your team for the wonderful service you provide. I have previously been with 3 other telephone answering services and your company provides a far better service than any of these. The changeover to your company for taking my telephone orders and callers credit card details has been seamless and extremely easy.I have found the staff to be courteous at all times with my customers. I like the fact I receive emails as soon as a customer calls with a query, and at the end of the day I have a full report which is rare with telephone answering services making your service very transparent. Where I have customers with order queries your staff have called them at their initiative and helped solve the query which saves me a great deal of time and money. I would thoroughly recommend your company to anyone who wants a bespoke answering service without hesitation. Please pass my phone number to any new customers who would like to get a reference.

On line retail shop

Client since: May 2015 Thanks for the cover whilst I was away on Holiday the feedback I received was positive for the calls that were taken and it helped me get some downtime. Great service well done. Looking forward to working with you now on an on-going basis.

IT Support Company

Client since: October 2007 I have used Telephone-Answering.biz for many years now. As a sole trader, I simply cannot take phone calls all the time. I don’t feel it is good practice to have prospects ringing and receiving a recorded message. The text service works really well for me, and I can usually get back to people within minutes ensuring valuable enquiries are not lost.

Will writing company

“Telephone Answering.biz was able to help me with my business by providing a service for obtaining customer feedback over the phone. They were efficient, knowledgeable and very professional in their approach. This work saved a lot of time for me and we got better results because customers were more willing to provide feedback to a third party.”

Testimonial from an education tuition company

Client since: March 2011 The team at Telephone-Answering.biz have helped me by allowing my clients not to have to cling to only my number but rather speak to someone else and knowing that the messages will be relayed to me as fast as humanly possible and that I’ll reply to them likewise. I and my team carry out gas safety inspections and electrical periodic inspection so often we are unable to take calls and so the team at Telephone-Answering, take caller details and send these to me to respond when I am able to.

Plumbing and Electricians

I’m back working today, sorry I should have notified you this morning. Anyway I wanted to let you know I had a meeting with a client today and he commented on how helpful and professional the lady that answers our phone is, he was very impressed, thank you. Kind regards,

Web design and digital marketing company

Dear Team,

Amelia and I would like to thank you for your X’mas card and warm wishes.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2013.

We are very pleased with our co-operation and would like to comment on your dedication and efficiency. Keep up the good work!

With Best Wishes,

The Ryder Clinic Team

We started using the services of Telephone-Answering.biz just over 6 years ago to provide a telephone answering service for IT Architecture. Ever since then we have been very pleased with the service that we have been getting from Telephone-Answering.Biz I know that with Telephone-Answering.biz calls for IT Architecture always get answered and the girls always get clear messages from callers. These messages get promptly passed on to us without fail. I also know that when our customers call, they find Telephone-Answering.biz professional, friendly and always calm. Our customers are confident that by calling the telephone service they can be sure an accurate message will reach the right member of staff at IT Architecture. Prior to using Telephone-Answering.biz , we used to have an in-house telephonist. Telephone-Answering.biz have given a far better, more dependable service. Also it has given us the freedom of being out-of-office to spend more time with our customers. We cannot now envisage a scenario without Telephone-Answering. Telephone-Answering has in actual fact has become very much an integral part of our business.

IT support company

Client since: March 2011 I have been using Rita and her team for 6 years now and can confirm that the service they provide is excellent. They don’t sound like an answering service to the degree that even friends and clients think they work from my office. They save me time and effort and also block cold callers. Thank you for all your hard work

Recruitment Agency

Rita and her Team deliver a fantastic high quality service with continued efficiency along with friendly staff and I have no hesitation recommending the service to other like minded businesses.

Testimonial from a storage company

Received your seasons greetings and the lovely chocolates with many thanks. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Special thanks for the extremely professional care you take in looking after my business phone line. You have been integral to the smooth running of our business for over 10 years and I would like to take this opportunity to state that we very much appreciate your exemplary services over the years and thank you for allowing us to carry on with our practice, confident that business communications are in good hands. Your services are an asset to any small or big businesses looking for Virtual Telephone Answering Services and we have no hesitation in recommending you. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.

Physiotherapy practice

Startup Owner

Client since: July 2012 There is something immensely reassuring about the quiet and calm efficiency you encounter when you talk to Telephone-Answering.Biz about handing overflow calls. I use the diversion service when I am in meetings, focusing on a major project or on annual leave, and I know, without doubt, that my calls will be handled calmly and professionally – and that messages will be passed on quickly and with appropriate urgency. I would – and often do – recommend Rita and her team to anyone who needs support.

Marketing Agency

Video testimonials from some of our clients.

Testimonial videos from our clients

Client since: November 2007 I have used telephone-answering.biz for a number of years and have always had excellent results and service from them. I have just been away on holiday and it was so helpful to have someone to answer calls in a professional manner in my absence. Rita and the team always provide a very high standard of care and quality in the work they do. The managers from my Regional office and my customers have told me that my centre has the most professional image when they ring – so thank you for doing such a good job!

Maths and English tuition company