Below you can see a few of our client testimonials to see how much value add we can bring your business:

Client since: July 2012 There is something immensely reassuring about the quiet and calm efficiency you encounter when you talk to Telephone-Answering.Biz about handing overflow calls. I use the diversion service when I am in meetings, focusing on a major project or on annual leave, and I know, without doubt, that my calls will be handled calmly and professionally – and that messages will be passed on quickly and with appropriate urgency. I would – and often do – recommend Rita and her team to anyone who needs support.
Marketing Agency
Client since: April 2011 We have been using for many years now and have always been very happy with the service you provide. You have been very efficient, professional and friendly when dealing with our answering our telephone calls. At the end of the day you are our first impression for all our clients and perspective clients, so we rely on you to act on our behalf and I can say that you and your team have been doing brilliantly. Keep up the good work!
Domestic Cleaning Company
Client since: March 2011 I have been using Rita and her team for 6 years now and can confirm that the service they provide is excellent. They don’t sound like an answering service to the degree that even friends and clients think they work from my office. They save me time and effort and also block cold callers. Thank you for all your hard work
Recruitment Agency
We started using the services of just over 6 years ago to provide a telephone answering service for IT Architecture. Ever since then we have been very pleased with the service that we have been getting from Telephone-Answering.Biz I know that with calls for IT Architecture always get answered and the girls always get clear messages from callers. These messages get promptly passed on to us without fail. I also know that when our customers call, they find professional, friendly and always calm. Our customers are confident that by calling the telephone service they can be sure an accurate message will reach the right member of staff at IT Architecture. Prior to using , we used to have an in-house telephonist. have given a far better, more dependable service. Also it has given us the freedom of being out-of-office to spend more time with our customers. We cannot now envisage a scenario without Telephone-Answering. Telephone-Answering has in actual fact has become very much an integral part of our business.
IT support company
Client since: March 2011 The team at have helped me by allowing my clients not to have to cling to only my number but rather speak to someone else and knowing that the messages will be relayed to me as fast as humanly possible and that I’ll reply to them likewise. I and my team carry out gas safety inspections and electrical periodic inspection so often we are unable to take calls and so the team at Telephone-Answering, take caller details and send these to me to respond when I am able to.
Plumbing and Electricians
Client since: February 2011 We are happy to give you and your company a positive testimonial. We are very pleased with your operation and your ability to filter out unwanted calls.  Your advice when we moved offices was also particularly helpful.
Building services design company
Client since: April 2009 We used Telephone-Answering for 8 years and have always been pleased with the service received. When our business has changed and the relationship needed to change they have been very flexible and changed. As we have grown so have they and they have supported us and provided options which is great. Many thanks for your support of our business
Client since: February 2011  have provided me with a courteous and reliable service for over six years and I wish I had started with them ten years ago! I frequently receive compliments from clients new and old who get put through to Rita's experienced team. The service has allowed me to dispense with my mobile phone answering machine completely and replace it with polite and efficient people who can not only pass messages by e-mail and SMS but contact the right member of my team with any particular client enquiry. Nothing irritates anxious customers more than not being able to speak to someone. give me (and them) peace of mind. Thank you!
IT support company
Client since: October 2009 We have worked with Rita and her team for a number of years now and are extremely happy with the telephone answering service that they supply. They always handle our calls professionally no matter what the call is for and pass all the details on via e-mail or text immediately taking as much detail as they are given, so we have information already at hand when we call the customer back. We have opted for the 24 hour answering services and have found this great value for money as it means we miss no new leads for our business. Well done guys and keep it going
Storage Company
Client since: July 2009 We have been using Rita, Jet and their team since 2009 largely when our office is unmanned or the lines are busy, this means we do not have to worry about our phones and know that all calls will be answered and a prompt message will be sent to the team to respond to. Feedback from clients has always been very positive and you have provided a professional service for our needs.
Recruitment consultants