The Best Strategy for Reducing Stress

Imagine you’re on holiday, sipping a cold drink and listening to the water lapping on the beach
Relaxing, right? Not for my friend Tom

Tom is not usually stressed-out. For many people, Toms daily work would be hair-pulling stressful — he’s an estate agent who routinely deals with a multitude of nagging problems related to tenants, banks, […]

How to Get into Your Zone

The “zone.” Whatever you want to call it, at one stage or another, every one of us aspires to get there. It’s when we do our best work, achieve our peak performance. The ability to get in the zone can truly make the difference between a good day and a great one.

Getting there is hard. […]

Here's a recommendation I wrote for you

Dear Jet,
Here’s a recommendation I wrote for you.

Jet and his team have looked after the call answering for our business and clients for three years and, after a few very painful experiences with other telephone answering “services”, I’m glad to say we’ve found a company and service we absolutely love. I cannot recommend Jet highly […]

Your Questions Answered.

Q). How will my business benefit by using a telephone answering service?

A). If your business does not have a receptionist then the task of answering the phone may fall to you or other key personnel. This can cause interruptions when trying to complete important tasks or in a meeting. An Impressio receptionist is an alternative […]

Our services.

Our services.

Reception/Switchboard Services: We can take a message and either email or SMS text the message to you or alternatively we can transfer the call to you or any of your team. This includes name, Telephone Number, Nature of Enquiry, Address and also how they heard of you.

Advanced message taking: If you add all […]

What Our Customers Say about Impressio

We have just done a survey with our customers and here is some of what they say about our service.

I don’t worry at all if I see a call go by or miss one. I know it will be handled professionally and if the matter is urgent I will get a text. More importantly, you […]


Firstly I must apologise for not having posted something for a while. Mostly because we were so busy our heads were just buzzing.

However that got me thinking about our marketing and the question of whether marketing is just a short term task you can do as and when it’s convenient or whether it’s important […]

Another thank you

A big thank you for keeping the diary going while I’ve been away.

Kind regards


A Testimonial

Hi Rita

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the help on Friday last week, you were all amazing and helped us out so much as we were so busy. Also just to let you know as of today we are opening Mondays again. Mondays we are open from 11- 6:30pm. I […]

Our calls Last Week

Just a note from one of our clients. Our calls last week were low in number but good quality leads. 3 potential clients want us to make proposals to them. The Law Society would be a good new client to have. However, 2 of these new enquiries require site visits,

Someone last week […]

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