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When it’s raining cats and dogs! ……..

Look at that rain
Its Raining

It can be said that a rainy day is a bad thing for moral ….

This can be true, it certainly can be mood lowering to look out of the office window and see only swathes of pouring rain, however it can also be turned into a positive! Think about it like this, on a rainy day, as a child you would have to sit indoors and complete tasks you might not necessarily choose to do on any other day, for example if the sun was shining wild horses wouldn’t have been able to stop you going outdoors but throw a drop of rain into the mix and hey presto you can immediately set about completing all those normally disregarded tasks.

Being as it’s raining today as I sit writing this article and looking out at the rain it set me to thinking that today would be a great day for all those of you that have been thinking of getting yourselves a professional phone answering service to take your calls for you, to actually go for it and bite the bullet.

Stop putting the best decision of the rest of your life off and call us to give you piece of mind that your customers get the best service possible.

Call us today and take advantage of our two weeks’ free trial and let us be the best you can be for you…  contact www.telephone-answering.biz

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The Best Strategy for Reducing Stress

Imagine you’re on holiday, sipping a cold drink and listening to the water lapping on the beach
Relaxing, right? Not for my friend Tom

Tom is not usually stressed-out. For many people, Toms daily work would be hair-pulling stressful — he’s an estate agent who routinely deals with a multitude of nagging problems related to tenants, banks, property management, and rapidly changing valuations. But Tom routinely handles it all with steadiness and perspective.

So why was he stressed on holiday? The same reason most of us get stressed: frustrated expectations. Tom was expecting an important call on his mobile phone and he didn’t have signal where he was. He was experiencing the gap between what he expected to happen and what was actually happening.
That’s the underlying cause of stress and it’s afflicting us more these days than ever because our expectations keep rising, thanks in part to exponential improvements in our technology.

“How quickly the world owes him something he knew existed only 10 seconds ago.”He said. I fall into this trap, and most people around me do too. We expect more not only from our technology, but from each other and from ourselves.

So what can you do about the stress and frustration that comes from unmet expectations? You have two choices: Either change the reality around you (Not so easy to do) or change the way you run your business by making some changes.

Of course if he had used us (telephone-answering.biz) to answer his calls and either advise his customers he is away and we can get his assistant to deal with the problem. Tom would have had a relaxed holiday without stress and knowing his business is fine and all his customers are taken care offand of course return fully recharged to and ready to take on the challenges ahead.

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How to Get into Your Zone

The “zone.” Whatever you want to call it, at one stage or another, every one of us aspires to get there. It’s when we do our best work, achieve our peak performance. The ability to get in the zone can truly make the difference between a good day and a great one.

Getting there is hard. How can you do it reliably? I’ve had that thought rolling around in my mind for the past couple of weeks and trying to get the idea into a workable solution was very hard. I had to find a way to get my thoughts together and then put them on paper so I could make the idea flow.

The first time you sit down to do something or work on a project or idea, you’re not going to find flow; nor the second .Why? Getting in the zone requires activating the subconscious part of the brain. The very nature of it requires you not to be trying, not consciously thinking about what it is you’re doing — instead, you’re just doing it. Obviously, it is infinitely more difficult to achieve this if the activity is one at which you’re preoccupied or have too much on your mind. I am almost certain that nobody gets into a car for the first time in their life never having driven before and drive like a professional. Indeed my daughter (the back seat driver) used to tell me how to drive, then she started to learn and she realised how hard it can be and how easy we make it look as we do it without thinking.

If you are in the zone it’s all easy but this takes practice. Driving takes skill but most of us do this effortlessly after learning. This is because the subconscious part of the brain puts you in the zone.

Flow only works when the subconscious takes over from the conscious mind. Being practiced at what you do is necessary, but it’s not sufficient. This is where other techniques start to kick in: meditation is one but again you need to practice. I go for a swim or walk and this gets me in a state of mind where all I’m thinking about is the activity. This empties my mind and I usually am in the zone to think up new idea. And then of course, there are the days where you’re not getting into the zone no matter what time it is, how many coffees you drink or what music you’re listening to. And that’s OK. If you’re just not feeling it, cut yourself some slack. I have found that it’s better to listen to your body on days like these — particularly if your work is quality-of-output driven. Instead of working on the critical stuff, take care of the distractions — the emails, the phone calls, and empty your mind of the niggling to-do.

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Here’s a recommendation I wrote for you

Dear Jet,
Here’s a recommendation I wrote for you.

Jet and his team have looked after the call answering for our business and clients for three years and, after a few very painful experiences with other telephone answering “services”, I’m glad to say we’ve found a company and service we absolutely love. I cannot recommend Jet highly enough, both on a personal and professional level, and would encourage anyone who values their brand and company image to speak with Jet about the support he can offer their company.”
Adam-Easy Blast

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Your Questions Answered.

Q). How will my business benefit by using a telephone answering service?

A). If your business does not have a receptionist then the task of answering the phone may fall to you or other key personnel. This can cause interruptions when trying to complete important tasks or in a meeting. An Impressio receptionist is an alternative to employing your own receptionist and taking on the added cost of taking on an employee.

Q) I already have a receptionist. Why should I use Impressio

A) Even if you already have a receptionist who answers your calls. What happens when they are already on a call or away from their desk or the office or just off sick or on holiday? .You can use our overflow answering service so you never miss a call.
We answer overflow calls for a lot of businesses and it’s like having a lot of extra lines and staff without the costs.

Q.) Will you answer all my calls or can I choose when you answer the calls?

A.) You’re in control of when we answer your calls. You can divert all your calls or when you or your staffs are busy or we can answer your calls when your line is busy or the call is not answered with a few rings in your office the call will come to us so you never miss a call.

Q.) How do I divert my number to you?

A.) Most telephone line and number providers will be able to give you a divert facility so you can divert the number or line to us. Most business lines already have this facility but can be set up by requesting the facility from you telecoms provider. Even SKYPE can be diverted as well as most 08 numbers.

A.) You can choose exactly when you want to divert your phone to us. We can advise you on how to do this.

Q.) Can I divert more than one phone number to you?

A.) You can divert as many lines as you want to us, However if you require more than one greeting then you’ll need us to arrange an additional facility.

Q.) Do I need to change my telephone number to start the service?

A.) No. We would not ask you to change your number. The number you have is very important to your business because of marketing and also it’s on your business cards, website ETC.

Q.) How will an Impressio receptionist know the call is for my business.

A.) We have a dedicated system and when a call comes in your details will show on our telephone system so we know the call is for your business.

Q.) Will your receptionists know my staff and my business.

A.) Yes your Impressio receptionists will know your staff and about your business. After all why would we take your calls if we didn’t know about your business? We make sure the same dedicated Impressio receptionists always take your calls.

Q.) Will I know who takes my calls?

A.) Yes of course you will know who has taken your call and you will also have their names and be able to contact them directly. All messages also have the name of your receptionist.

Q.) How do you send the messages to me?

A.) We send the message by Email or SMS Text or we can transfer the call to you just like a receptionist.

Q.) Is there a minimum agreement term.

A.) The minimum agreement is for just three months and then if you wish to take the calls yourself then we require just one months notice.

Q.) What are the costs?

A.) Our service costs just £25.00+ Vat per month and £1.25+Vat per call.

Q.) Do you charge for the calls that come from telemarketing companies selling their services?

A.) We don’t normally charge for these calls unless it’s pertinent to your business.

Q.) Can I take a trial of your service before we sign up?

A.) Of course you can take a no obligation trial our service. We normally insist on this because it also gives us a chance to learn about you and your business so we can provide a fantastic service to you.

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