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So much more than telephone answering service.

4 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Before you spend any money on your business it stands to reason you are going to want to make sure it is worthwhile. The chances are your budget isn’t unlimited so you’re going to want to consider every penny you spend, to make sure it is a sound investment. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a fantastic investment for your business because it can help in so many ways. So, if you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant, here are reasons why businesses have hired us in the past. Read More »

Tempted to start a business while still working?

Here is an article from the Guardian small business network by Paul Tanner. They started an on line business while still working and have made a great success. Of course both husband and wife team helps because if one is busy the other can take over. What if you started out on your own. We know it can be very diffic...Read More »

Telephone answering services. Quantity or quality ?

Firstly, I must say we have the finest health service in the world and I owe my life to them several times over. Honestly the NHS has the best staff and services and I cannot fault them. When you need treatment, they will make sure you get the service you need even if you have to wait it’s still worth it. I was listening to a debate on the Radio about the NHS and the emergency services call handling. I didn’t realise that the call handler was also under pressure to take the call and get t...Read More »

Drive More Calls to Your Business: Google Best Practices

This an article by Google about telephone calls to your business with Google Add Words. Just thought I should share this with you all. Some people want to talk to a real person when they’re looking for information. In fact, 70% of mobile searchers have called a business directly from the search results.¹ That’s why online advertising is about more than just your website, especially with on-the-go consumers. For many advertisers, phone calls are the most important channel to use when conn...Read More »

Summer holidays coming up and could you be short of staff? What a releif they rae taking care of my phone calls Ever thought of using Telephone-Answering for your short-term cover. As we move into the holiday season, many businesses will be s...Read More »

Who needs an office?

In today’s world of technology many companies are working remotely and with great success for two reasons. One of which is the cost saving the company benefits and the second is the flexibility of your organisation. Some still have a small head or central office but most of the staff work remotely and meet at this or another central location for meetings etc. How is the company saving money? By not having to provide dedicated desks, computers etc that are required when staff come into the offi...Read More »

Cyber security . Are you protected?

The great enemy of business is being sabotaged and the worst one of these is having a virus or Ransomware attack your IT systems, as you don’t know about until you’ve done something. Last week we at Telephone-Answering also fell victim to this and were hacked last week but due to the vigilance of our team and the super quick response of our IT support, we were back in action in very quickly, hours not days mainly because we have a great back up a robust disaster recovery process in our of...Read More »

We all have a love hate relationship with technology.

We all have a love hate relationship with technology. It’s exciting but at the same time it’s all consuming, many of us of certain age remember the good old days when we were not followed by our calls let alone messages from FB, Twitter, Messenger etc. life was so peaceful then:) We have lots of technology...Read More »

Case study: Aesthetics Clinic

Client since: August 2016 Aesthetic and Dental clinics based in Manchester and London offer a variety of treatments from laser teeth whitening, Aesthetic treatments such as Botox and Fillers, Holistic therapies, laser hair removal and minor surgery. (more…)...Read More »

Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

  Have you thought about what happens to your business if you had an incident like Buncefield in your area? God forbid that this happens and most of us don’t want to think it could happen to us, but at the time it had a devastating effect not only the business concerned but also to ...Read More »
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