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Telephone answering and messaging services for business.Your own PAs will always answer your calls. We manage diaries, book appointments or process sales orders. We can provide virtual telephone numbers too.

Cyber security . Are you protected?

The great enemy of business is being sabotaged and the worst one of these is having a virus or Ransomware attack your IT systems, as you don’t know about until you’ve done something. Last week we at Telephone-Answering also fell victim to this and were hacked last week but due to the vigilance of our team and the super quick response of our IT support, we were back in action in very quickly, hours not days mainly because we have a great back up a robust disaster recovery process in our of...Read More »

We all have a love hate relationship with technology.

We all have a love hate relationship with technology. It’s exciting but at the same time it’s all consuming, many of us of certain age remember the good old days when we were not followed by our calls let alone messages from FB, Twitter, Messenger etc. life was so peaceful then:) We have lots of technology...Read More »

Case study: Aesthetics Clinic

Client since: August 2016 Aesthetic and Dental clinics based in Manchester and London offer a variety of treatments from laser teeth whitening, Aesthetic treatments such as Botox and Fillers, Holistic therapies, laser hair removal and minor surgery. (more…)...Read More »

Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

  Have you thought about what happens to your business if you had an incident like Buncefield in your area? God forbid that this happens and most of us don’t want to think it could happen to us, but at the time it had a devastating effect not only the business concerned but also to ...Read More »

Case study: Bespoke Will writing company

Client since: October 2007 Company KW is a sole trader Will Writer, who works from an office where he has meetings but he also visits clients in their homes, so while he is with clients or busy writing wills he does not want to be disturbed by telephone calls. He does not feel it is good practice to have prospects ringing and receiving a recorded message. Read More »

Case Study: Digital Marketing Agency

Client since: January 2016 SF Digital Studios are a digital marketing company. They're one of the few certified Google Partners in Bedfordshire. Their services include Google Adwords, Web Design, Photography & Videography. (more…)...Read More »

Case study: Security systems company

Company S is a security systems installer and maintenance provider. Client since: May 2008 The issue They were about to go on holiday and realised that they needed someone to answer their telephone while they were away. The director knew that the phone could be diverted to their mobile but that wasn’t going to work. Read More »

Your phone number, business cards and networking

I had a call today completely out of the blue. I’ve been networking for many years now and I am always amazed when I get calls like this. When I go to meetings I love to learn about other people and their businesses. I never expect anyone to take our services on the first meeting. (more…)Read More »

Are Technology Issues a Major Contributor to Business Productivity?

New research released today by Samsung Electronics has revealed time spent on technology issues could be a major contributor to the UK’s productivity gap. While small business owners are spending nearly three and a half hours on sales and close to three hours on marketing a week to drive new business, IT accounts for two hours and 47 minutes, and office management almost three hours. Read More »

Improve Your Marketing ROI With a Live Phone Answering Service

In a world full of competition, gaining new clients and business growth can be difficult. Everyone knows marketing is key for any business, but how many try something new? For example, ever consider a live phone answering service for clients at all times? This strategy can even be used to market your business and improve your ROI. Let’s find out why. Read More »
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