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So much more than a telephone answering service.

Telephone Answering has one goal in mind, to improve your customer relationships. With that in mind, our team of experienced virtual receptionists can work to enhance your customers experience, sales and support functions throughout your organisation. Since 2007, we have provided communications expertise to a diverse array of firms in a variety of industries. In each case, our telephone answering services have helped to grow businesses and increase customer retention.

Unlike similar services we do far more than just answer calls; we function as an extension of your business. Our skilled UK telephone staff are focused on gaining a complete understanding of how you work, and what you offer. So, when customers do call in and you aren’t available, your clients can still be assured of great customer service that matches up perfectly with your in-house service.

Cost-effective service

Full-time receptionists can cost your business thousands of pounds a year in hiring and training. Even then, these employees can become quickly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls they have to field on a daily basis. If your only other option is the IVR system you know what we mean the press 1 and then press 2 menu-based phone system, then you need a better way to connect with your valued clients. Our answering services can give you all the communications capabilities of much larger firms at a fraction of the investment.


Delivering a better customer experience

Our virtual receptionists are trained extensively in many aspects of your business, so when it’s time to pick up the phone they can answer any questions with complete confidence. If they determine that a customer has a specific issue which requires more targeted support, they can always attempt to get in touch with one of your in-house staff.

Because all staff are based in our office in the UK, all messaging and communications with your company are handled in real-time, so you can make decisions as, and when they’re required.

Providing daily support

If your staff are overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities, then they might find it difficult to pick up the phone whenever valued customers call in. If you want to ensure that you never miss a call again, we’re here to give you that assurance. Our PAs are hard at work from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM every workday, answering every call, paying utmost attention to the quality of their service. That constant vigilance means better relationships, and ultimately higher revenues.


What Our Customers Say

It has been such a pleasure working with you all these years. I think we first worked together in 2007 when I started the company and had a break when my VA at the time also answered the phone.

IT Training Company

Thanks for your email update, I have to say I have been really pleased with the service to date – really pleased I signed up and I look forward to using your telephone answering service more as I grow my business. Best Regards

Testimonial from a digital marketing company

I am and have been delighted with the professional treatments my clients receive from all of the girls in telephone-answering.biz. The diary runs well, and if patients would stop rearranging their appointments life would be a breeze Thank you for your consistent support in this especially difficult time following the fire. I find in life, we are all as a whole so quick to point out criticism and hold back on praise.

Testimonial from an aesthetic beauty company

Pricing Plans


If you need an appointment booking or diary management service from your reception team, Telephone-Answering are the perfect choice. Our PAs have years of experience in booking appointments across many industries & using a wide variety of diaries. This means we can take care of your bookings, while you take care of your clients! We are happy to use your existing online diary system, or we can recommend our favourite solutions such as Timely, Jelly (or from free secure online-diaries to tailor-made booking software).

Get Started With A Free Trial

We are so confident about the value we bring to your business, that we’d like you to have your very own Telephone-Answering.biz assistant absolutely free for two weeks. (the only stipulation is that you are not away on holiday!)

At the end of your trial, you will have experienced our excellent service and make an informed decision, safe in the knowledge of what your ongoing costs will be.

99% of clients who take up this offer would now never be without their Telephone-Answering.biz assistant.

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We do more than just answer your calls!

Customer’s being able to access your business isn’t just a useful feature, it’s a necessity. With mobile phones, wireless internet connections, social media and various other communications tools available, today’s consumers expect businesses to be available for feedback, enquiries, and support on a regular basis.

With Increasingly demanding customers, organisations have no choice but to adapt or risk being left behind. After all, just one missed call could mean the difference between securing a highly desirable client and losing them to your closest competitor