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5 Things You Need to Share with Your Virtual Receptionist

5 Things You Need to Share with Your Virtual Receptionist

Professionally trained and experienced virtual receptionists help you save time and money. But if you withhold important information from them or fail to inform offsite answering services with updated information, your business will be unable to maximise ROI. Here are 5 things you need to share with your virtual receptionist to get the best out of the service.

Business Specific Details

To make sure your telephone answering service have as much information related to your business as possible. This maximises the time spent by in-house staff members guiding your virtual telephone answering service. During the first few weeks of service, it is vital to give as much information as possible. This will happen as a proactive telephone answering service will come up with questions about your operations that you may have not thought about. After all most telephone answering services will have many clients who have different requirements but some of these will also be relevant to your business. This will enhance your service and help your business grow.

Details such as addresses, business hours, list of products and services should be communicated to them so they can answer queries and guide clients in the right direction.

The Company’s Vision

Your virtual receptionist isn’t necessarily going to narrate a fancy speech about your company’s mission, values and vision to clients over the phone; that would be a little unprofessional.

Sharing your company’s vision with virtual receptionists is important because it helps them understand exactly what’s at stake. This information is used to provide highly customized services that create a better experience for your clients.

When your virtual receptionist is well informed about your business’s mission, they will become a more integrated part of your team and go out of their way to help your business grow.

Names and Numbers of In-House Staff

You might think that this is the most basic piece of information businesses would share with their virtual receptionist, but the truth is a little more complicated than that. Most businesses don’t give away names and contact numbers of their in-house staff members because of privacy reasons or simply because they forget. This can be detrimental to the service because your virtual receptionist wouldn’t know how to direct some clients to the right person or department.

Client Specific Instructions

Your repeat client might have their own specific needs, and because you need their business, you must give that person special attention. Perhaps there is an angry client who would only speak to the CEO, or there might be an annoying client you don’t want to deal with. It is a good idea to keep your virtual receptionist well informed about special situations.

It is also recommended to keep your VR well informed about newly hired employees or the ones that leave.

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