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Actionable Marketing Tactics to Reach More Prospects

Every website and online store strive to increase its traffic and conversion rates. But when you’re just starting out with a basic strategy, it can be a little challenging to choose the perfect marketing tactic. New start-ups often end up firing in all directions and do a little bit of everything in order to maximise their marketing efforts. This is a costly approach that ultimately backfires.

Lead generation is not a numbers game. It’s not about how much money you’ve poured into your funnelling machine, but about optimisation and efficient allocation of scarce resources. Here is an actionable marketing strategy that all businesses should implement to encourage lead acquisition and generate more repeat clients.

1) Create a Sense of Urgency

A prospect clicks on your website. This means your marketing strategy is working as it should.
The prospect then spends too much time deliberating over whether you are the right fit for their goals and eventually backs away. You were the right fit all along. They just didn’t know.

Time and choice give prospects the luxury of opting out of products and services they were initially interested in. But if you somehow take ‘time’ out of the equation and create a sense urgency that your offering won’t be available in the near future, they will be more than willing to make a purchase. They won’t have the luxury of weighing the pros and cons anymore, and that alone motivates them to press the all-too-important “checkout” button.

2) Email Marketing

Email marketing is very effective in bringing prospects back to your website for repeat business. Email marketing is particularly good at converting clients who previously showed interest in your product but later abandoned it. Perhaps you didn’t have the right ‘version’ of the product, or perhaps it was too expensive.

The trick is to analyse all the possible reasons that led them to abandoning your website, make the necessary changes, and send emails to notify prospects about the latest updates.
This strategy applies to any business that offers a list of products and services that were previously abandoned by the prospect. Given enough time, these prospects will convert because they now have more incentive to come back (such as discounts, free shipping, or an extra product).

3) Make Yourself Available Through Live Chat

The latest marketing tactic is to improve your existing customer service solution by implementing a live chat feature on your website. Instead of fishing for your contact details, a pop up window on the landing page directly connects you with the customer. The customer can use this as an opportunity to learn more about your business directly from your team. Meanwhile, your team can use the customer’s contact details to send them notifications and new updates. It’s a great way to establish rapport with your customers and make them come back for more.

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