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Are You Losing Business Because of Voicemail?

The first thing most entrepreneurs do is go through their mounting list of voicemails. For some, it’s like a chore that they need to push through, but for others, it’s like an adrenaline rush that motivates them to increase the throughput of their work. The only problem is that the client will already have moved on to a different business. One that answered the phone most probably.

There was a time when voicemail was an innovative new technology that bridged communication barriers between consumers and businesses. But as is true for all technologies, something new always comes to take its place. Today we have text messages, social media, emails, and even video chat for those who want immersion.

As people become more used to instant gratification, having to wait for the robotic and monotonous voice on the other end of the line to complete its script is nothing short of frustrating and cringe worthy. In many cases, the voicemail starts out with the infamous clunky process that follows a pattern like the one outlined below:

  • The customer dials the number only to be led directly into voicemail where a robotic voice greets them.
  • They are given several choices. The voice guides them through a cumbersome selection process, such as, “Press 1 for… X service, Press 2 for… Y service”.
  • And the dreaded, “We apologise; all our operators are closed for today. Please try again later.”

The average consumer has a concentration span of less than 10 seconds, thanks to the internet services that are instantly delivered at the click of a button. Voice mail pales in comparison to the economical alternative afforded by high-end telephone answering services.

It is true that your receptionist and sales staff cannot be realistically expected to be available waiting for the phone to ring, which is why it makes sense to invest in affordable telephone answering services.

When disgruntled customers hear a human voice on the other end, instead of the dreadful monotonousness of a robotic script, it provides a semblance of hope that perhaps their problems would be easily taken care of after all.

Staying Productive and Conducting Business

To keep the client hooked from the beginning to closing the deal, it is important that you have a human voice guiding them every step of the way. A telephone answering service that specialises in human relations can help you do this and more. These professionals are trained to deal with phone calls, and once they are equipped with requisite knowledge of your business, they start funnelling a long list of clients your way.

Experienced answering services like telephone-answering.biz have the necessary infrastructure in place to deal with varying levels of call volumes. They are prepared to deal with a sudden, unplanned influx of sales volume. This means that should your marketing campaign prove successful enough to steer enough customers your way, you can rest assured that none will be waiting long for the phone to be picked up.

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