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Benefits of Having Multi-Channel Support

Customer support teamCustomers and companies interact with each other in interesting ways, thanks to the software that makes it possible. The days when you could only contact a company through a single channel (i.e. phone) are long gone. Today, a customer expects to reach their chosen company through different ways and expects prompt response.

A multi-channel customer service system has become the new norm today. Customers now believe that company-given support is always available, whether through live chat, social media, or a telephone call. And they expect an answer. Not getting one would be unnerving enough to turn them away.

To avoid this, businesses need to adapt and integrate with all forms of communication, especially live chat and telephone answering services. In fact, both of these go hand in hand.

Here are five reasons why live chat and telephone answering services are so effective.

1. It Gives Customers More Choice

Depriving customers from the power of choice will make for an awful experience. It is advantageous to provide customers with more choices of communication: if they want to start an enquiry via live chat, follow up on social media, or send you a phone call, let them.

2. Makes it Easy to Reach You

It is more convenient for customers to reach you over live chat than over telephone, for many others, it could be the other way round – either way, you don’t get to make this decision. The idea is to get the best of both worlds; those who prefer live chat and those who prefer telephone calls. If you manage to provide decent customer support on the 2 primary channels, you will increase sales.

3. Increased Synergy

The whole is worth more than the sum of its parts. In much the same way, multiple channels support and complement each other, generating significantly better results. For example, if there are fewer sales being made over live chat alone, you can combine it with emails and telephone to communicate a message without annoying your clients.

4. Faster Resolution Conflicts

A key trait of multi-channel support is the ability to resolve disputes in an instant, because customers want instant gratification. You will notice them jumping from telephone to live chat, and vice versa, and expect you to respond in kind. By being available to your client across both mediums, you can address their pain points and nip most customer issues in the bud.

In many cases, mere acknowledgement from a sympathetic and helpful operator can buy your core staff enough time to resolve the conflict on a high note.

5. Your Marketing Campaign Is Fully Utilised

Your marketing budget will likely take considerable portion of your bottom line, and the only way to maximise results would be to implement both live chat and telephone answering services. The last thing you want is for a customer to visit your website, only to realise you’re not available over live chat and then leave.

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