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Busting Myths about Virtual Receptionists

Sometimes all a small start-up needs is a virtual receptionist with the right set of skills to handle phone calls. From sole traders to large firms and construction companies, all businesses can benefit from a dedicated virtual receptionist who is trained to respond to potential customers as soon as the phone rings.

Most virtual receptionists serve as great additions to your roster of employees. They are trained to handle human emotions— a specialised skill that can be used to solve a range of problems. As is the case with other services, there are several stereotypes attached to the voice services industry, especially virtual receptionists.

Let’s bust some common stereotypes about virtual receptionists

Call Centres and Virtual Receptionists are the Same

This is the most common stereotype plaguing the voice services industry. Call centres are companies that handle a much larger number of calls and is a very scripted and impersonal service. In other words just a robot that follows a script answers similar calls. The nature of a virtual receptionist makes it impossible to give you personalised services and an extension of your business.

Virtual Receptionists cannot help with my query

People often complain that the person on the phone cannot help with your query or issue. This may be true for call centres, but it does not apply to the vast majority of virtual receptionists. They are a niche group of professionals who are trained in the art of excellent communication skills.

Virtual Receptionists are not Useful Because of the Distances Involved

Some people believe that the distance between the physical distance of a virtual receptionist and their client has an adverse impact on the services rendered. This might have been the case a few decades ago when the internet was still in its initial stages, but thanks to high speed broadband and phone technology, distance is no longer a barrier that it once was.

Virtual receptionists work digitally, in much the same way as a traditional secretary, with the notable exception that their services are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Receptionists Can’t Handle Customers

This could be true for call centres where employees are trained to handle thousands of calls in any given day, but the same does not apply to virtual receptionists. They do not follow a script or sound like a robot. Virtual receptionists can offer bespoke services for your business. This allows them to give unparalleled levels of service to your customers that simply cannot be matched by a call centre.

In other words, virtual receptionists are trained to handle calls with politeness and empathy unique to your business. Your customers will feel right at home.

Virtual Receptionists Don’t Have Skills

Virtual receptionists are highly trained professionals with a broad range of skills. If anything, they are trained to incorporate a large number of skills in their arsenal over the years because of their diverse portfolio. From sole trader companies to law firms to dental clinics – a single virtual receptionist knows industry language like no other. Just make sure that you communicate essentials related to your business to the receptionist for more personalised services.

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