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Diary Management.

Why Use a Telephone Answering Service

Imagine if  the receptionist has either gone home or  left the phone unattended or away on holiday. A client calls in asking for information about a product or service your business had advertised somewhere. Upon dialling your number, they get redirected to a voicemail instead of a friendly voice that can provide them with useful pointers.

Why your Estate Agency Should Use Virtual Receptionists

Your success hinges on acquiring lots of knowledge about the local area and meticulously organising your valuations, viewings and marketing. Being out in the field means you can’t devote your time to answering phone calls. Imagine a potential client looks up your ad and decides to follow through with your thoughtfully designed call to action and dials in your number. Instead of you – or your representatives – picking up the phone, a monotonous boring robotic voice tells them you aren’t available.