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Cyber security . Are you protected?

The great enemy of business is being sabotaged and the worst one of these is having a virus or Ransomware attack your IT systems, as you don’t know about until you’ve done something.

Last week we at Telephone-Answering also fell victim to this and were hacked last week but due to the vigilance of our team and the super quick response of our IT support, we were back in action in very quickly, hours not days mainly because we have a great back up a robust disaster recovery process in our office.

Even all our telephone answering clients were unaware of this but then again we love our business so we have invested in the security of our business and client’s data.

Having a good robust back up for your business is very essential and a good IT support team that you know will take care of all your IT issues is absolutely essential. If you use VOIP phones then having a telephone answering service for back up is essential as a part of your disaster recovery plan.

We know a lot of businesses have not considered the robustness of their systems and processes, but burying your head in the sand could mean losing your business if you were hacked.

Take a look at this blog by Sanjeev Shukla  MD of Accenture security regarding cyber security. Its a really good article.

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