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How a Telephone Answering Service Will Enhance Your Business

There are several reasons for entrepreneurs to hire telephone answering services. These include improving customer service, cutting back on training costs, and capturing more leads. More importantly, the right answering service can improve your business’s bottom line.

Here’s how.

1) Capturing More Leads

Customers will contact you at the most awkward time when you don’t want to be disturbed. What happens if you don’t answer them? They will go to your competition and hire their services instead. Some businesses try to buy themselves as much time as possible by implementing voice mails. These voice mails are often monotonic messages relayed to the customer in a robotic voice, least to say, this doesn’t work as intended. Who leaves voicemails these days?

Your customers may end up concluding that this is how you do business. Interested prospects will simply abandon you and call your competitors. Instead, you can hire a professional telephone answering service to handle your calls when you’re too busy in the office. These professionals will take the lead, answer their questions, and secure more sales. The more leads you have, the more sales you will close.

2) The Ability to Respond to Customers Faster

A telephone answering service can triage your customers and leads. They can do this by holding back less urgent calls until the next day, while the urgent leads are sent over to you for a quick response. Your core team will be sent prompt alerts that your clients require urgent attention. The result is that your staff members can speedily address the client’s needs. And if you respond fast enough, clients and leads will have little reason to go to your competitor.

3) Being More Personable to Customers

Let’s face it. Not everyone has the skills and professional experience needed to handle phone calls. You need to be personable, approachable, empathetic, and more importantly, patient. It is not advisable to have your core team answering phone calls all day for the simple reason that they are too busy on other projects. Worse still is using a robotic answering machine doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. The solution is to hire telephone answering service with skilled professionals who can keep your prospects engaged, guide customers through their problems, and buy you time until your team can sort things out.

4) Minimise Personnel and Equipment Costs

Outsourcing your incoming calls to a telephone answering service provider can significantly reduce your equipment and personnel costs. You won’t have to pay for their salaries, employee benefits, or provide office space. On the equipment side of things, you won’t have to pay for new phone systems or software to log and distribute messages to your employees. Moreover, a great telephone answering service provides you a flexible model that offers the convenience of scaling services up during the peak times and dialling back down when there is less demand for services.
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