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“I Hate Call Centres. Every Time I Call They Just Don’t Know Me!”

“I Hate Call Centres. Every Time I Call They Just Don’t Know Me!”

Why do call centres always behave so impersonally? Perhaps they just want the volume of calls rather that the quality of calls. You know the ones that answer with a queuing system that tells you where you are in the que.

The difference is very clear when you use a telephone answering service that provides you with staff that will always answer your calls and will be trained in your business. They will never put your call in a que and the staff will know you, your team, and your regular callers. But if a call handling service has the following qualities then customers will definitely keep coming back, again and again.

o   Really proficient and very happy operators

Yes, a good answering service is more than just superbly trained PA’s. However, without good PA’s it is not possible to have a really ‘great’ answering service. This is why it would make sense to only hire outfits that have the most professional and highly trained people around.

o   Being incredibly patient

All good telephone answering services should be extremely patient with each and every caller, that they have to deal with. Remember, they are dealing with ‘your’ customers and if the call answering service PA is rushing with them then naturally, it will lead to the loss of a customer. Even worse, he will tell other people about the low quality of service, that was provided to him.

o   Communicating very clearly and concisely

Customer service reps should always be very articulate and succinct at the same time.  That is, they should always choose a few clear words to explain precisely what they want to say, rather than mumbling a lot of uncleared and unintelligible sentences. As a matter of fact, this is a particularly important skill that must be part of any well maintained virtual office especially where highly technical products are also involved

o   Being highly attentive towards the customer

Its obvious that amazing call answering services essentially involve actively listening to the stream of customers. But that is only part of the picture. On the contrary, they should demonstrate that attentiveness to the letter.

The main difference between a decent answering service rep and a great one is centred around his/her ability to engage the prospect by punctuating the conversation with sympathetic words such as “I see” and “Oh dear, that must have been so very frustrating.” In fact, some of the best answering service operators have the ability to relay the customers’ order or problem right back to him so that he knows that the representative has completely understood the issue at hand and would be sure to follow up on it with the relevant personnel.

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