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Maximising client engagement

Happy PAA telephone answering service can very well be the difference between repeat customers and a sales disaster. Entrepreneurs only have access to finite financial resources to establish their brand and adopting a sloppy approach to providing customer service will reflect poorly on your bottom line. Increasing the success rate of your business requires you to not only focus on the actual product or service, but also taking care of any customer grievances.

If your business doesn’t have a department to tackle customer service, how will your quality  control department receive feedback?

Small and medium sized enterprises, and indeed, even the larger conglomerates among them, have began to realise the importance of telephone answering services to help take a load off your employees and keep their ‘head in the game’.

Here’s why an outsourced call centre will make your customers happy


A cheerful person can help build and sustain relationships

The advantage that a telephone answering service has over the rest of your employees is that nothing else distracts or concerns them other than hearing what the customer has to say over the phone. They are not stressed out because their resources aren’t being swamped by too much multi-tasking. This is one reason why their levels of energy are relatively high, and when your customer rings , they hear a bustling cheerful voice . This makes them approachable and lays to waste any hostility between your business and a disgruntled client.

They know the best course of action

A big mistake most early stage businesses are guilty of is integrating their customer service line with an automated voice mail, and when confronted with an unwelcome voice, most customers hang up. Even if you aren’t making the same automatic voice mail mistakes that other businesses are making, your customer doesn’t know that. They will assume you have the same cookie cutter approach to their problem and won’t be able to offer much in the way of real help.

Bots are limited by what they can offer, ask the customer to either wait until someone ‘real’ picks up the phone or ask them to press a combination of buttons. In contrast a professional telephone answering service will know the right steps needed to guide your client out of their predicament.

Immediate response

Customers are impatient. They have a range of tasks to deal with and that only makes them rude. It is easy for your own personally trained operators to take offence to their rudeness. This hampers their ability to address your customer’s grievances. A professional would know that the rudeness is not being directed at their own ‘person’, and know the right courses of actions to take to diffuse the client’s anger in a responsible manner. They will understand the client’s grievances, empathise with them and offer valuable suggestions that could help improve overall customer satisfaction and ultimately keep your customers happy and loyal.

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