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Sales Tips Every Rep Should Know

The hallmark of any successful sales team is that they constantly practice, improve, and refine their strategy. They are not afraid of experimenting with new techniques in favour of existing techniques even if they have a reasonable success ratio. Being adaptable and responsive to change is a sure-fire way to achieve success. Here are 5 sales tips every rep should know.

1. Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer starts with building a detailed buyer persona of one of your market segments. This persona is a generalised representation of your ideal customer, their expectations from your products or service, and their goals.

A fully detailed buyer persona allows your sales reps to fully understand your prospects on a more empathetic level and helps them personalise and tailor their overall sales pitch. Not having a buyer persona is like bringing a sword to a gunfight, or fighting blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back, or both.

2) Spot Weaknesses in the Buyer Journey

The buyer journey is another generalised representation of your prospects. It details the process they go through to become aware of your product before deciding if they want to purchase from you. There are three stages involved in the buyer  journey, i) the awareness stage, ii) the consideration stage, iii) the decision stage. No two buyer journeys are going to be alike, so you can’t realistically replicate your competitor’s Buyer Journey and fit it in to yours. This one requires going back to the drawing board.

3) Study Your Competitors

Your competitors are your biggest source of inspiration. Their business model, best practices, pricing mechanics, and marketing strategy is a blueprint of success that can do wonders for your business. There are many digital marketing tools that let you closely analyse your competitors as if they were under a microscope. Popular examples include Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics.

4) Engage Prospects with Live Chat

Thanks to live chat , you can now interact with customers as soon as they visit your landing page. Prospects usually fumble around to find your contact details to dial your phone number or reach you via email. It’s too much trouble and they end up leaving simply because they couldn’t bother.

Live chat helps you make their lives easier by letting you engage them from the get go. For this to work however, your sales agents must be well versed in customer relations and available during rush hour.

5) Being Helpful on the Phone

This is a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many businesses skip out on good customer service using the phone. The Telephone is essential as customers like to call for peace of mind that they are dealing with a great company, a lack of a phone number and active customer support  team is seen as uninspiring. Most customers want to hear a real human voice over phone before giving you their hard earned cash. Sometimes a human connection is all it takes to convert.

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