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Secrets to Creating Great Customer Experience

Sales rep offering great customer serviceGood customer service is the cornerstone of successful enterprises. You should strive to make user experience a priority if you haven’t done so already.
Customer service has changed considerably over the past few years. Companies used to engage with clients over phones or had one-to-one private conversations in person. This was tedious and ineffective, and it didn’t accomplish much.

The advent of social media has completely revolutionised customer services. Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to allow customers and clients to engage. While the means of interaction have changed, the secret sauce to customer satisfaction remains pretty much the same. Here are the four secrets of providing great customer services you should know about.

1. Extracting Feedback from Customer

Most customers don’t like giving feedback. If this happens with your business a little too frequently, you may take it as a positive sign that your clients are satisfied with your product or service. But if you really want to improve the quality of your product or service, you need customer feedback one way or another. You can get creative by sending your customers emails, text messages, or even follow up calls over the phone if you think they won’t mind.

2. Responding to Customers Quickly

The faster you respond to customers, the better. Attention spans are dwindling, and a customer’s patience easily runs out when they are dealing with a bad product or service. Promptly responding to customer feedback (and complaints) has a way of simmering things down and buying your support staff extra time to resolve matters.

The best way to respond to customer feedback is through live chat, but it only works if both customer and sales staff are online. Regardless, if the customer is not available for chat, you should promptly send them an email and follow up over phone. When you actively reach out to customers, you subconsciously lessen the impact of their dissatisfaction. It’s called damage limitation.

3. Cross-Selling at Every Opportunity

Cross-selling benefits both client and business. It’s a two-way street and a win-win situation for everyone involved. The idea of cross-selling isn’t to sell for the sake of selling, but it’s about improving the end-user experience by offering new products and services that add value to those which the customer may have expressed an initial interest in.

Bundled goods are a great example of cross-selling. For instance, if the customer bought a video game console, and your sales agent offers them an electronic steering wheel at a discount, everyone stands to gain. In order for this to work however, the sales agent needs to be proactive and have established good rapport with the customer.

4. Provide Education and Knowledge Free of Cost

In the age of the internet, nothing is for free. But if you’re in sales, you have to provide a few extra incentives to win over clients. The best gift you can give is free knowledge and education, with no strings attached. This makes prospective customers turn to you for updates regarding their product in the future. By giving away knowledge for free, you are setting yourself up for repeat sales in the future.
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