Ever thought of using Telephone-Answering for your short-term cover.

As we move into the holiday season, many businesses will be struggling to keep up when staff go on holiday. You need to keep things ticking over but you still need to let staff go on holiday. We can help you with this as you can enlist our help for one day or even just a couple of weeks.

While we recognise that holiday time is coming many of us still get caught off guard and then we worry about drops in customer service and how will we deal with the phones.

The answer is Telephone-Answering, we can take calls and relay information to callers while capturing their details for a call back when you or your team are available. We can manage your diary as well so when you get back you have your schedule filled and ready for work.

Just imagine while you are relaxing we are making sure you have appointments and sales to close when you are back.

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