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Telephone answering services. Quantity or quality ?

Telephone answering services. Quantity or quality ?

Firstly, I must say we have the finest health service in the world and I owe my life to them several times over. Honestly the NHS has the best staff and services and I cannot fault them. When you need treatment, they will make sure you get the service you need even if you have to wait it’s still worth it.

I was listening to a debate on the Radio about the NHS and the emergency services call handling. I didn’t realise that the call handler was also under pressure to take the call and get the information as quickly as possible, as they are timed and monitored on each call they take. Just imagine the pressure they must work under! We know they have a very high turnover of staff because of the pressure they work under and paradoxically staff suffer from stress and depression. I’m sure this must to do with budgets not profit!

This got me thinking about telephone answering services and I know most work on call volume per call handler and not about quality of call. This to me means that the call handler is again put under pressure to get the information as quickly as possible. This I’m sure is for profit. These telephone answering services have a high turnover of staff as working under these pressures is not conducive.

For us at Telephone-Answering.biz we work for our customers and not on the number of calls we can charge for. We don’t work on call volume but on how we treat your customers. Our ethos is, if you do well we do well, so it’s always in our interest to be totally professional and courteous. Let’s be honest when you are rushed by someone whether on a phone call or in a shop you generally will not buy from them.

We also look after our staff and on average our staff retention is probably the highest in the industry and probably for most businesses. This, I think is because we try to look after and care for our staff as much as we do our clients. We try never to pressure them to work quickly or on call volumes but on the quality of the information we take for our customers and service we deliver.

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