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Tempted to start a business while still working?

Tempted to start a business while still working?


Here is an article from the Guardian small business network by Paul Tanner. They started an on line business while still working and have made a great success. Of course both husband and wife team helps because if one is busy the other can take over. What if you started out on your own. We know it can be very difficult and juggling a job and business is not very easy.

When we started telephone-answering.biz we both started the business full time and one of us was always out networking or meeting possible clients and the other would be in the office managing our great team. Of course, after over 10 years we have the time to do as we wish and the business runs itself with a fantastic team in our office. This was not easy but having the right resources from the outset really helped us. We outsourced our accounts, marketing, IT support etc so we could get on with working on the business.

Well we definitely did not need telephone answering services but if we didn’t own the business we would definitely have used telephone answering services just so we give our customers a great experience and didn’t miss any calls or business.

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