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IT support company

We started using the services of Telephone-Answering.biz just over 6 years ago to provide a telephone answering service for IT Architecture. Ever since then we have been very pleased with the service that we have been getting from Telephone-Answering.Biz I know that with Telephone-Answering.biz calls for IT Architecture always get answered and the girls always get clear messages from callers. These messages get promptly passed on to us without fail. I also know that when our customers call, they find Telephone-Answering.biz professional, friendly and always calm. Our customers are confident that by calling the telephone service they can be sure an accurate message will reach the right member of staff at IT Architecture. Prior to using Telephone-Answering.biz , we used to have an in-house telephonist. Telephone-Answering.biz have given a far better, more dependable service. Also it has given us the freedom of being out-of-office to spend more time with our customers. We cannot now envisage a scenario without Telephone-Answering. Telephone-Answering has in actual fact has become very much an integral part of our business.