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Testimonial from an aesthetic clinic

Client since: November 2008 I have been using Telephone Answering.biz for about a few years now and have found their service to be excellent. My business is called Crendon Skin Clinic, an Aesthetics clinic offering beauty laser treatments using state of the art equipment. From my therapy rooms based in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, I offer a wide portfolio of aesthetic treatments, including: injectable face treatments, laser treatments, skin resurfacing, red vein treatment, hair removal and much more.All of my treatments require a very high level of competence and my clients expect this to be evident in every aspect of the service, whether this relates to taking their telephone booking, my personal greeting of customers at their first appointment or performing the treatment. First impressions in particular are vital to my business as customers expect to speak to someone who will take their appointment for them rather than having to leave a message on a voice mail. This is where Telephone Answering work with me as part of my business. They handle all of my incoming calls and by me providing them with access to my diary they can maintain this for me, so I don’t have to worry about taking the calls or booking client’s appointments. In addition, Telephone Answering send appointment reminder text messages to my customers twenty-four hours before their visit, send me emails with all the details of the enquiries they have dealt with on my behalf and provide a daily report of calls and bookings. On average Telephone Answering takes over 100 calls a week for me, so I am never interrupted when I am with a customer. They are a small team, very friendly, extremely professional and always conscious of my customers’ needs. In fact I have got to know the staff very well, built good relationships with them and found that their style suits my business. I would thoroughly recommend Telephone Answering to any business looking for a flexible solution to outsource their reception. Using Telephone Answering means I am able to focus on my customers, offer the best service possible and save so much time that I can fit in an extra five appointments a week!