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Top qualities of a telephone answering team

Top qualities of a telephone answering team

Hiring a professional telephone answering service is just as important as the rest of your business because they are your company’s only means of addressing customer grievances. Customer service is often just a psychological exercise that requires responsiveness, precision and patience. And given the number of rivals that businesses typically have, it’s a matter of importance to retain new and existing clients

There are certain traits you should personally vet for before entrusting someone with your business. After all, this team of professionals will be representing both you and your business.

Retaining knowledge

The call centre should be able to provide information on-demand to your customers. This is only possible if this person has excellent training and can store a good deal of information without forgetting. They should also have the ability to eloquently communicate this information to the customer while understanding how it impacts them. This is after all, what makes a call centre so beneficial.

It is understandable that sometimes call centre agents might not be able to come up with an answer on the go, but during such rare occasions they should be able to think on their feet and make useful suggestions. Overtime they should be able to quickly learn and retain the solution to common problems for your business.

It is all in the detail

The job of a virtual receptionist can be taxing, namely because it can be very monotonous, almost like robots especially if the answering service uses a script. And somewhere along the lines, important details begin to blur and the person can no longer tell which parts are important and which are ‘noise’. This can become a problem when the receptionist faces the same questions time and time again, and when they are able to solve all these questions immediately, they adopt the same solution to different problems. And as we all know, no two people have the same problem. A Good virtual receptionist will be always researching and keeping an eye on your website to make sure they know your business and provide an up to date solution.

Must be sympathetic

This goes without saying. The job of a receptionist is usually that of someone who sometimes becomes the company’s punching bag for the customer sometimes. The receptionist should be able to chat and resolve concerns with sympathy and retain their composure long enough to resolve the issue. After all everyone has a bad day, but it is the customer who need exceptional service representative..

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