We all have a love hate relationship with technology. It’s exciting but at the same time it’s all consuming, many of us of certain age remember the good old days when we were not followed by our calls let alone messages from FB, Twitter, Messenger etc. life was so peaceful then:)

We have lots of technology in our telephone answering service which functions more effectively and provides a greater variety of services to clients. It’s hard to imagine processing calls without technology.

However, without staff the best technology means nothing. Yes, the technology in our telephone answering service is critical, but the staff who use it are even more critical.

When we look our operation, it’s not our technology that makes us unique, it’s our staff. Other answering services can match our technology: computer for computer, application for application, and feature for feature. But no one can match our staff.

Too many businesses have an embarrassingly high level of employee churn. They don’t appreciate the added value that good employees bring to any business, even if you are the sole employee of the business, you would not gain or capture business if people did not connect with you and feel comfortable doing business with you.

We are very fortunate that we have a dedicated team that enjoy working for our business and in turn your business. Working at an answering service is hard, but our team is stable and enjoy working and learning together. They are always batting for our teams and making sure that all our callers receive the highest level of service and when something is wrong they’ll work hard to let you know so you can correct it as soon as possible. Customer service is our mantra and that what we deliver for you and us.

One of our clients has recently written a book for SME businesses, here is a brief look at what it contains, I’ve found it really useful particularly about the hot topic brand image. The book is available from Amazon for £12.99 or if you want to contact Kate directly please let me know

Build Your Dream Team – How SMEs Can Plug the Talent Gap’ helps SMEs solve the problem of finding good quality new employees. The author, Kate Russell, brings together the range of activities a dynamic employer must use to recruit efficiently in 2017. This includes: managing employer branding, creating and attracting a robust pipeline of talent, creating cost-effective benefits, building effective processes to predict future performance and on-boarding properly. This is comprehensive package contains practical ideas, examples, case studies, checklists, solutions, extensive resources and a pinch of humour and inspiration, put together by an author (herself the MD of an SME) who has tried and tested her material and is building her dream team.

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