Most businesses use outsourced telephone answering services just for over flow when they have too many calls or when they have staffing issues/meetings or training days and when they just want a holiday or a day off. Some will use the service as their reception because of the cost saving and of course, never missing an opportunity.


These are just some businesses that use telephone answering services.

Solicitors – Always busy drafting cases or meeting clients and if their receptionist is busy or sick we take over just as if we were in their office. Also, Lawyers don’t like interruption, they just love what they do so the phone is really a distraction to them, but a detailed message will allow them to call back when they are ready.

Accountants – The annual end of January deadline makes things very stressful and busy so getting that extra support means that they can concentrate and be more productive at this busy time. Overflow services for their calls means they can do what they do best.

Will writers – Many Will Writers work on their own, so it’s essential for their calls to be answered. They could be in meetings with clients and drafting wills, so time and support are essential. One of our clients never accepts calls on Thursdays or Fridays because they are busy drafting and meeting clients. A testimonial from one of our clients.

Plumbers/Electricians – If you have your head under the sink or are in the middle of lifting a heavy radiator or boiler, how on earth are you going to answer the call? Will you even have something to write on to take down the details. A testimonial from one of our plumbers.

Builders/Roofers – If you are on a roof are you really going to answer that call? Your safety maybe more important! If you get a call where will you take the caller’s details or will you ask the caller to call back! Will that person call back?

IT companies – If you are already on a support call who answers the next call. Some of our clients use us as an over flow service so they don’t miss a call especially when they are on site or driving.

Solar panel companies – If you are out surveying then who answers your calls? One of our clients has been using us for over 10 years and yes from a one-man band to employing over 200 and one of the biggest companies for solar in the UK but still never answer their calls because we do it better than their own team.

Some unusual companies who use telephone answering services.

An on-line garden furniture retailer. This is one where even we thought we may not be able to add value to their business. Well 7 years on and turnover of several million pounds and just about every aspect of their business outsourced. I think they made a great decision. Low overheads and high profits.

Podiatrists – A 100-year-old company and very established but they missed a lot of calls and appointments, so they initially went to one of our bigger competitors who only use scripts and could not provide the empathy required with their callers.

A Hairdressing Association-They were not just missing calls, but they missed so many subscription renewals that in the first month of answering the calls they generated more revenue from renewals then they had ever done so in the last 6 months. This is because we were given access to the membership data and so we could ask the member to renew. In fact, we now take care of most of the back-office function for this business, from answering the call to checking the members database and taking the payment for the renewal or course.

Aesthetics practitioners– They are usually busy treating clients so can’t always answer their calls and manage their diary. This is where a telephone answering service really makes a difference especially if they can book appointments and know the treatments. This is what one of our aesthetics clients says.


These are just some business that know the advantage a telephone answering service can bring to their business.