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Why Should You Outsource Your Phone Calls and Diary Management

Why Should You Outsource Your Phone Calls and Diary Management

When you’re in the beauty and therapy business, or any business for that matter, you know how important it is to be organised and think quick on your feet. A diary is something that helps you to organise your daily or weekly tasks and objectives to achieve your goals. The same concept can be applied to your business.

Creating More Time for Essential Business Tasks

Most business owners feel that they don’t have enough time on their hands to get things done. That is why they cite time management as one of the most critical problem areas. This is why, if you are running a therapy and beauty business, you may feel that you are running out of time to do things necessary to keep your business performing.

You may feel that you are not able to dedicate enough resources and time to internal as well as external aspects of your business. Therefore you hire a virtual assistant to manage your daily diary and schedule so that you’re able to make time for the most important things to the success of your business.

It’s no wonder that assistants spend a major chunk of their day to organise the calendar for their managers along with taking the necessary calls for them, among other things.

The Need to Concentrate on Customers

Sure, you’ve hired someone to look after your schedule and manage your daily diary for you, keeping track of important meetings, appointments and more.

But what about your customers? Who is there to reach out and talk to them to market your services? Who is responsible to pick up when they reach out to you. After all, it is your business brand that is at stake here.

It’s no secret that your customers prefer to have a personable individual at the other end to give them the service they deserve.

According to global research done by ATKearney, the point of sale experience for beauty shoppers in China as well as the UK place a great deal of importance of a meaningful conversation with a someone who is knowledgeable about the company and the product offering. They also want easy to use solutions in terms of products and services. Cookie cutter solutions are a definite no.

Beauty and therapy providers can take away a very important point from this, that they need to differentiate themselves as a business, and have people who can engage potential customers in a meaningful conversation.

A part of making this possible is to have a diary management solution for better customer service. The cost of hiring a dedicated in-house receptionist and diary manager, however, may be impractical. This is especially true if your business is relatively new and your in-house employees need to concentrate on core business aspects. In such a case, you need to outsource your diary management to professionals.

This is why outsourcing your diary management and phone calls can be helpful for you.

The Benefits you get When You Outsource Your Phone Calls

As discussed earlier, your customers need a higher level of service if you are to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them. With outsourcing your phone to a professional telephone answering service that can manage your diary, you are allowing experts to manage your phone calls, both incoming and outgoing so that you free up your time and resources.

Better Customer Service at Reduced Costs

Your customers expect a lot from you and it is your duty to provide them with the experience they will cherish, despite the increasing competition that you face. This means that you cannot expect to provide sub-par customer service and still expect your customers to be around.

Outsourcing your calls to a dedicated organisation allows you to leverage the expertise of professional individuals instead of having to spend your resources and time to develop an in-house solution for the same. You may not have the financial resources to make that work. Besides, you will get instant access to the services of the telephone answering service.

Potential to Increase Your Profits

Your premises may accommodate a receptionist but that doesn’t mean that you must have it in house. As mentioned earlier, this may be impractical and expensive. This is an issue with a relatively easy solution. When you outsource your calls to a virtual telephone answering service, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving and making phone calls. The different kinds of professionals available here will be able to handle different calls from customer service to sales calls to managing your diary

A telephone answering service can handle different calls. This is truly advantageous as you won’t have to invest extra in your infrastructure or employing new employees specifically dedicated to the job. You won’t have to replace anyone in your company, continue providing your services with little hindrance in operations, when you outsource to a live answering service.

It’s perfectly normal if you feel that handling phone calls aren’t your strong suit, you can hire experts to handle your customer service and appointment calls with a live answering service.

Focusing on your Tasks

Working in the beauty and therapy sector needs extreme focus and paying incredible attention to detail.

That means driving focus away from your main job when handling customers telephone calls. There is undoubtedly a loss of focus from your core services and tasks when you handle calls. Even calls from existing or new customers may prove to be a real distraction from your core functions that help bring in the revenue for your business.

This is yet another avenue where telephone answering services can handle your incoming and outgoing calls can be beneficial. This post from Life Hacker suggests that it takes almost 25 minutes for your brain to resume a task that you were doing before an interruption came along. This interruption in your business might be in the form of the dozens of calls you get every few hours. Those 25 minutes really add up and slow productivity down.

Phone calls are considered major interruptions, so having someone handle those distracting, yet important, interruptions are necessary. A virtual receptionist and live answering service that can handle your diary may be a viable answer for this issue.

Focusing on Strengths

As a business owner, you may have many strengths, such as leadership, charisma, the ability to motivate, communicate effectively or more. But you can’t be good at everything. For example, your strength might not be in answering phone calls, but that doesn’t mean your business should suffer as a result. Your business can leverage the strengths of a live phone answering service.

Your employees may be good at face-to-face customer care, but they might not be entirely comfortable with talking on the phone, concentrating on issues of customers and overcoming objections, that’s something best left to professionals.

Doing so would also allow less time to be wasted and for employees to concentrate on core business functions that they were hired for. It would allow you to have a better image for your business and boost your employees’ morale.

If you don’t have the time and energy to handle calls, allow professionals to handle them. A live telephone answering service has the infrastructure, the human resources, skills and diversity to handle these calls effectively and gracefully, while you take care of the most important issues at the core of your business.

About Diary Management

One aspect of being a good business is satisfying and delighting customers with your service, but that is only possible when you manage your time more effectively as a business owner or a top executive. It’s not just about pencilling in important appointments and meetings, it’s more about scheduling your time wisely.

Responsibilities of a Business Owner and where Diary Management Comes in

As a business owner, you need to organise your whole life and arrange tasks logically. Other than that, you have to develop your personal brand and yourself and make time for your staff. You have to manage strategic plans to take your business forward, perform administrative tasks and more.

Above all of this, you have to be flexible in your schedule to accommodate different situations that may come up. Planning all of this and then executing it flawlessly seems impossible. That is the reason your diary management needs have to be outsourced. That leaves you with more time to concentrate on doing rather than worrying about and planning tasks for your day.

Outsourced diary management allows you to be well briefed about your day and continue about your life while managing your business effectively. You may have to set aside time for priority customers, attend meetings, network at trade shows, be present on the committee for an organization and handle your tasks there.

You need to concentrate on the way forward for your business and strategize accordingly. This includes constantly refining your offering to appeal to your target market and searching actively for new markets where you can enter. You need to spend your time wisely on these issues without having any time distractions and coming up with solutions for them.

You need to have your daily meeting and appointment schedules to help grow your business. Outsourced assistants are making an impact on business owners by shaving off the time involved with just managing these issues rather than doing them.

Having outsourced diary management restores your confidence when you are able to have greater control over your day, not having to worry about managing your time and getting things done.

The Benefits of Outsourced Diary Management

The first and foremost benefits from outsourced diary management is that it allows for incredible time management opportunities and make in-house staff available for the only the most important issues at hand. You might even say that live answering services in conjunction with outsourced diary management can make you more productive as a business.

Better In-House Scheduling

You can benefit from better in-house scheduling of your work calendar, when your most important appointments and meetings are well planned out and don’t overlap. This allows you to be worry free and concentrate on networking and providing your company’s services without problems.

Increased Performance

With outsourced diary management, you will be alleviated of the worries of administrative duties. You’ll ensure that your in-house staff is spending their time on their work rather than the repetitive and time sapping administrative duties. They can concentrate on imparting higher quality customer service that your customers deserve from your company.

Get Outsourced Diary Management and Live Phone Call Answering Services

At Telephone Answering, we are here to handle your daily challenges as a business when it comes to scheduling appointments, administrative duties and even managing your corporate diary.

You’ll reap the benefits quickly once you see how our professionals manage the routine and mundane tasks and well as schedule your most important appointments and meetings. You may not have the time to do everything yourself, so why not let us help ?

Don’t worry about scheduling appointments and meetings into your busy schedule. Instead, take out the time to relax and concentrate on your most pressing issues and the content of the meetings and appointments. Concentrate on your strengths and leave the mundane and distracting work to us. Improve time management and develop the confidence to concentrate on your business, while we help you stay on track.

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